My first video ever, feedback appreciated.

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Hi, this is my first video using hitfilm. I know there is a lot to improve and i will appreciate any reply. What are the big things i will need to change?

the video is a simple compilation of 9gag post and comments. Thx in advance.


  • Hi well, subject matter and the fact you might get people saying your just riding on the back of other peoples posts, the video is Ok. Maybe a bit slow, and really needs some message or explanation as to what this video is about what are you are trying to say/share here. Maybe you could overlay either the comments over the video in large text to kind of show this is what is being said about the clip. All that said your thumb nail is intriguing and certainly made me click.

    Give it a title "Crazyist comments" or something, to sell it.

  • Thx mate! i am going to do some changes about the speed and the comments then.

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