Animating 3d models in HitFilm

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Is there a way to keyframe the articulation points of the model inside HitFilm rather than importing the .abc file?


  • Actually there was a user in the forum that made a post of his AT-AT that did just that. Used animation points and had to keyframe each point and it did look good. Just only downside is the amount of time involved. It is almost like doing a stop motion animation, compare that to doing it in a 3d software that is made to handle more advanced animation techniques and it will speed up the time. Also the model has to be broken down into individual portions like for an arm it would have to have a separate object for each finger and joint (if you wanted them to move) a hand, a forearm, a bicep. So in order to move those objects in a fluid motion you would have to keyframe each one of those objects and that is just for one arm. Now if 2d animation where it will not need a 3d perspective then you could do masked layers and adjust the anchor points but still have to keyframe each one again. Also for an organic 3d animation it is not viable to do either of those options as it wouldn't remotely look right. Non organic such as robots and such it would be about the only way to still have it look ok and break apart the objects to individual pieces and animate in Hitfilm. Even aftereffects it sill used C4D for it's 3d modeling and settings and even then it is a lite version of C4D. If I find that thread in the posts of the AT-AT that was animated in Hitfilm I will link to it.

  • Thank you @flyingbanana78

    In General though, I could make a 3d prop plane in 3ds max/blender, rig it for an axial point in the center of the prop. Export the model and import it into hitfilm. Then keyframe the rotation of the prop?

    I'm just trying to get a feel for how flexible HitFilm is before buying the latest HF Pro.

    You mention that you can import one model made of several objects, that would likely be the most viable way of doing the propeller. Any ideas of what to Google search for to learn how to do it?

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    @TriFlixFilms - If you need a propeller to turn on an airplane or rotor on a helicopter, this vid will show you how to do that at about the 5 minute mark. It should start around 4 mins 45 secs.

    Hope this helps!

  • @TriFlixFilms yes you could do that with a plane prop providing it was a true individual object. And shows up during import to Hitfilm as an individual object. From there you could adjust the pivot points of the object and then set up parents and such then animate the prop spinning in Hitfilm. For simpler mechanical objects (not many moving parts) it can be done in Hitfilm, but more complex ones it would still be easier to use a rigged model and animated in a dedicated 3d software and exported fbx or alembic. I am still not able to find that gallery post of the AT-AT walker that was done by keyframing points cause the poster of it could probably give you more detailed info or maybe even @Triem23 could chime in and lend some Guru wisdom as he did a Dalek as well by doing individual point animation as well. If I come across that post in the forum I will still pass it on if Triem doesn't know which post I was talking about. As far as googling not really sure where to start for that as most info would be dealing with rigging a 3d model or just animation in hitfilm, not doing 3d model animation in hitfilm. :( 

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    @TriFlixFilms The thread @FlyingBanana78 made reference to was @ZachAlan_Productions here:

    He might be able to give you some of his tips if you PM him.

  • Thank you everyone! With your help, video links, and some extra research I think I have a grasp on it from the HitFilm side.

    Now to Blender's subreddits to gain a better understanding of how to exports a model with multiple objects (Props on a plane).


  • @NormanPCN and @tddavis thank you, I was digging around all over and couldn't find it. I always did suck at Easter egg hunts. :P Glad to see that it helped and best of luck @TriFlixFilms ;

  • @TriFlixFilms  I am by no means an "@spydurhank" when it comes to Blender or even maginally close, but I believe that as long as each part of the plane is on a discreet element in the stack of the outliner it will import as a separate object that can be checked when bringing it into Hitfilm...I could be mistaken about that though.  I have had some success with importing my Jupiter 2 and being able to spin the lights but that's as far as I have taken it.  I want to get the landing gear pivots right so I can lower them someday.  I will say that a free Youtube series by Jacob Lewis for Blender Beginners is a really good wade in spot.

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