How do i make such a start of the movie bonanza With that fire, to start the movie


  • hmmm...that's a kewl question ...something makes me thing it would include a mask...some tracking .....maybe some fractal noise ...and of course fire ....

    But I barely know hitfilm and wanted to comment that your question was interesting.

  •  @christieproducer  I think the easiest approach would be to film an actual piece of paper facing dead-on to the camera and burning from the inside to the edges and control the speed of the burning with a temporal effect.  You can hold a blow torch near the paper when you're set to lit it and it'll be hidden long enough to get it out of the way as the paper burns.  You would want to have something green screen color behind the burning paper that becomes visible as the hole forms in the paper so you can use it as an overlay over your opening footage.  

    You might have to experiment with burn patterns or use something like charcoal lighter to get it go like you want.  It could either be a plain sheet of paper and use an overlay effect for the map look which you would then have to mask out and key frame the mask as it burns, or you could just use a map printed on the paper.  

    Hope this gives you an idea or two to solve your dilemma.


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    I'm with @tddavis. Doing this in camera is the way to go. 

  • Same thoughts here too. Hard to pull off otherwise. Just don't burn yourself

  • @christieproducer  While working on a smoke simulation project, I ran across this YouTube tut that has a part sufficiently like the burning map to maybe be of some interest to you.  I had no clue one could even do that in Blender.

  • Would something like this work?

  • @CowboyBob  Hey, that looks pretty close to me!  Did you do that in Hitfilm?  I hope you share your secret there.

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    It's done it Hitfilm Pro 2017. Two particle systems, one for the sparks and one for some smoke. I don't have any experience with the fractal noise in Hitfilm, so I brought in two clips: A fractal noise image that is animated from full bright to black over the period of the burn and the same pattern where I basically detected the edge. The edge becomes the bitmap for the particle emitters and I tint  and glow it for the burning edge. The noise itself is used with the set matte effect (inverted) on the image of the cake. At the start of the timeline the white noise just shows the cake image. As the dark elements of the noise begin to show the image turns to black in those areas and eventually the whole image is replaced with black. Overlay the glowed up edge ( which corresponds exactly with the progressively drakening cake image), add the particles and Presto; you've got fire!

    I'll try and record a tutorial after I figure out how to do the noise and edge wholly in Hitfilm

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    @CowboyBob  super!  I look forward to that when you get it all lined up.  It looks really good and I would never have thought it could be done in Hitfilm.  And I am right there with you on experience, or lack of, with Hitfilm's noise but I am even more lacking in particles.  I hope my recovery/downtime starting next Tuesday gives me time to study up on Hitfilm and Blender more.

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    Here is something solely with Hitflim

    Removed video for a better one below

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    Didn't like the burning edge too much in that one. This looks better in my opinion. Much closer to  the one using noise generated in another application. I'm still not very clear on the noise  effect. I'm just playing with the controls until I get something that works. Not entirely satisfying....

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    Couple of YouTube viewers asked me to please publish my project files. Didn't really know where to do that, so I through up a quick website to host the zipfile. . If it helps you, go for it!

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