Cannot Import MOV files from RocketStock

Hi all,

I bought this packet from RocketStock but I'm not able to import these .mov files in HitFilm Pro 2017. They are copyrighted files, so I'm not able to upload anywhere but you probably know the issue. I think I should convert them to other format but I want to ask you to know which is the format to do so.

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  • The website you linked states those MOV files contain JPEG2000 image sequences.

    Have you installed Quicktime? If no, then install Quicktime. Reboot and try importing again.

    Hitfilm needs Quicktime to read MOV files. I am assuming you are on a PC and not a Mac.

  • I'm working in MacOS so Quicktime comes by default.

  • It would be lovely if anyone working for HitFilm could answer my question because if HitFilm doesn't/won't support this format, it wouldn't make sense to buy any footage that uses this format.



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    Ok, I downloaded their Free 35 shape pack (see Link) below which are .MOV files with alpha.  They all worked fine on my PC with both 2017 Pro and Express 4.     I am assuming that Rocket Stock will use the same delivery CODEC and containers for all.most of their products.   Try the free sample pack.   If there is a problem with these files, it most likely not Hitfilm related.


  • @SiraFilms could you please paste here the text output of MediaInfo?

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    Thanks @BobDiMarzio but those files you mentioned are ProRes so there is no problem with HitFilm.

    Thanks @CedricBonnier according to the application you told me, this is what I got from it. 

    MPEG-4 (QuickTime): 14.6 MiB, 2s 269ms
    1 Video stream: JPEG 2000

    Overall bit rate mode: Variable
    Overall bit rate: 54.1 Mbps
    Encoded date: UTC 2017-02-15 11:21:09
    Tagged date: UTC 2017-02-15 11:21:21
    Writing library: Apple QuickTime

    English, 54.1 Mbps, 1080*1080 (1.000), at 29.970 (30000/1001) fps, JPEG 2000

    I hope it helps you out to know what it could happen.

    Many thanks,




  • @SiraFilms - is converting the .mov files an option? Just curious.

  • @StormyKnight I can convert them to another format but the quality is not the same (maybe I should try with other formats). I think I will upload some examples here so you all will be able to know why I don't want to convert them to other format.

    These files without any conversion work well in FCPX.


  • @SiraFilms I could be wrong but I don't think HF supports MOVs encoded with jpeg2000. If you want to import those in HF, you will have to transcode unfortunately. You could add this to the wishlist.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    This video covers several different methods (all free) to transcode the footage. Check the description for relevant tine codes.

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    @CedricBonnier "...I don't think HF supports MOVs encoded with jpeg2000"

    That would be curious. The question comes to mind why not. The whole idea of installable codec video subsystems is so that one can install a valid codec and an application supporting the subsystem (i.e. Quicktime) can then read/decode those files.

    jpeg2000 is supported by out of the box by Quicktime on Windows. No codec install necessary. I would assume as much for Mac.

    All that said...

    Hitfilm on Windows does read jpeg200 MOV files generated by Quicktime (Vegas as the Qt host).

    In quick tests, I've not had luck with jpeg2000 MOVs generated by ffmpeg.  It seems there are variants of jp2k and Qt may be picky, or ffmpeg is fubar WRT jpeg2000.  EDIT: I figured out ffmpeg options for jpeg200 such that Quicktime accepts my files.

    The OP did not provide a FULL MediaInfo report so that is still a question.

  • There are variants including mjpeg2k having it's own container, mj2, mjp2. It's an ISO base media file format but it is slightly different than how jpk2 in an MOV is handled. 

  • Some specifics.

    By ffmpeg options there appear to be two different encoding formats (-format). ffmpeg terms them j2k and jp2. Quicktime wants the j2k version.

    Both are identified by the same 4CC code, "mjp2" in MediaInfo.

    In MediaInfo the jp2 format has an additional line of output the j2k format does not have. The "format profile" line. This line seems to be the way to detect the jpeg2000 variant in MediaInfo output.

    Format : JPEG 2000
    Format profile : No restrictions
    Codec ID : mjp2

    j2k may be restricted to RGB pixel format but in any case Quicktime only seems to support RGB for jpeg2000.


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    Hi @Triem32 ;

    I tried to use HandBrake at the 1st time but it didn't open the file either (very weird). However,  I could open these files with no issue in FCPX (website says that files are compatible with FCPX, Premier and AfterFX) and  "transcoded" them  to other format that HF can read it but as I mentioned before the quality is not enough maybe I have to play a bit more with them to find which format would be the best one until HP can open it or I might have to use Apple Motion.

    I also spoke with RocketStock guys and they don't have these kind of libraries in other format than JPEG2000, so be careful in case of you want to buy any of them to use it in HF (Backmagic Fusion9 cannot open it either)

    Thank all for you support.

    Best Regards

  • I haven't got a video file at hand to try this, would you be able to send us one of those files that do not work?

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    Sounds Good @CedricBonnier ! I'll send you a private message with one of these files.

    Many thanks

  • @SiraFilms I've just checked your footage and it works on Windows but not on Mac. I would need to investigate more but it looks like it's never been supported on Mac. You could convert these to an OpenEXR or a PNG image sequence in the meantime, doing this should keep a good quality.

  • @CedricBonnier

    Great! thanks a lot for your help. I'll follow your steps and let you know.

    Best regards

  • Hi all,

    Finally, I was able to convert successfully the files to a PNG image sequence as @CedricBonnier suggested me and it works very well with HF.  I ended up by using Blender to convert them because other tools didn't work correctly.

    I made this basic VFX with HitFilm to try it out. I hope you liked it.

    Thank you very much again.

    Best Regards

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    Seems strange. You say you could open the files with FCPX and Motion. Why didn't you just render them out in ProRes 4444 codec?

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    I did before I converted to both ProRes 422 codec (the quality is not enough ) and to 4444 codec (the quality is good). PR 4444 could work but PNG is still better because it keeps the same transparency effect and the same glow color that it comes with the original footage but PR 4444 modifies it a bit.

    Additional info:
    Pro4444 = 34.4 MB
    PNG = 18.9 MB

    But thanks a lot @GrayMotion.


  • " I've just checked your footage and it works on Windows but not on Mac."

    Wow. I would have bet the farm that the Qt subsystem on Mac would support the same files as Windows. Good thing I am not prone to gambling.


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