Filming with an I-Phone

Frequently,  a poster will inquire about what camera to buy for filming.  Often the price range is something to the south of $1000.    The attached most recent film riot video shows what is obtainable with an I-Phone with a cinematic app.  So, folks just starting out that own a current I-Phone can immediately create content with minimal investment in hardware.    

I'm a bit different, since a have several towers, a lap top and old tired eyes that require reading glasses, my phone was <$100.   I do all my computer related actions on, well my computer and I make phone calls and the occasional text on my phone. It's a good balance for me.   The Current  price of the I-phone 7 is  $749.  Something to consider.


  • Phone filming is fun and accessible, but is limited by the camera on the phone and the lense, compression and sensor. That all said, if it's all you got then go with it. Not every shot needs to pull focus, and anyway, you can do that stuff in Hitfilm after.

  • As pointed by Ryan in that video everyone assumed he was using his regular camera for that skit.

    I was as surprised as most everyone else when he revealed it was done entirely on his iPhone with a cinematic app that cost $9.99.

    Means I can start on some of my ideas without waiting to invest big $$ first :p

  • I use an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) but I can't find a decent camera app. I rooted the phone and installed Resurrection Remix and the preinstalled camera has few options whilst Open Camera (which has good reviews) doesn't respect the settings (just records in 1080p and variable frame rate despite what I tell it to do).

  • @THX1139 have you tried cinema fv-5? I'm not sure what version of android you have on your phone. This is for 4 and up.

    I found it while looking into filmic pro for android. Might work for you, might not


  • I have Android version 7. I'll check it out. Thanks.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @THX1139 bear in mind it doesn't matter what the app SAYS it can do, it's going to be limited by the hardware of the phone. All these camera apps will actually say something like that somewhere on their Google Play pages. 

    I've run Cinema FV-5 on a GS5, and it's still going to be variable frame rate footage. 

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    @Triem23 The Samsung S5 is supposed to be capable of 30, 60 and 120 FPS and also 4K (but not 4K at 120 FPS i think) so I'm pretty sure the flaw is in the software. 

  • More from Ryan related to phone accessories for filming.

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