THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



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    @THX1139 they're just ways of breaking things up. Plus you can proxy the more embedded ones and they'll play nice and quickly in your other composites, so sometimes its useful just to do that. ;)

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    @THX1139 you can mask the embedded comp LAYER in your main comp (if it's in 2D or 3D mode), so that's not another nest. 

    NOT having a layer "unwarp" for masking is actually desired behavior. I may (and often do and have) want to mask seeing the warped image. Particularly when using Camera Projection. For Video and Stills layers you use the Layer tab. The Layer tab doesn't work with Planes, Text, and generated media, including embedded comps. Or, toggle the warp effect off before masking. 

  • I wish I could mute all the selected layers at once. Doing them one by one is an unhappy experience!

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    +1 to that. 

  • @THX1139

    Yes, like solo'ing layers in AE. Maybe Alt-click the layer's "eye" that you want to focus on, thereby hiding all other layers. Alt-clicking again, to bring other layers back. Or something to that effect.

  • The ability to trim and position audio by amounts less than 1 video frame

  • I wish middle-clicking on a composite shot tab would close the tab like it does in a web browser.

  • Timeline:  Being able to make folders for organizing.

  • We need a way to be able to increase the size of the clickable/dragable areas at the edges/corners of the windows and in the timeline and a composite builder.  I'm using a Wacom tablet for 20+ years -- you can position the cursor exactly where you want it, but even using a the pen, I've been having a difficult time getting the cursor in the right position to perform a drag-to-resize.   It shouldn't take a concerted effort to find the hotspot.

    FXHome Developers, are you giving us 1 pixel exactly?    They're not so expensive  these days -- maybe you can make the clickable area be adjustable  between 1 and 3 pixels?  

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    Davlon  I think it's at least three pixels already for me (1920x1080). I find that when such fine motor control is needed, it helps to go diagonally instead of directly to your target; you achieve a smaller movement across your target with a larger movement of the mouse (not sure if that translates to using a pen and tablet). My mouse also lets me change the DPI setting with some buttons on the mouse.


    I came here to suggest that during loading, Hitfilm should display hints like keyboard shortcuts or whatever. It eases the boredom of waiting to load and teaches something at the same time, just like they do with game loading screens.


    I also wish I could nudge keyframes forward and backwards with the keyboard (both single frames and jumps of 10 frames like with the playhead).

  • +1 on keyboard shortcuts for nudging keyframes.  Should work for single or a selection of keyframes.

  • Let us twirl down the reveal arrows / triangles with our cursor keys, instead of making us use the mouse always... i.e. Like in mac finder / windows/file explorer you can do this in the file system to expand / contract folders
    So this would work like in layers, controls, effects, everywhere where there are lists and sub options to be revealed and also the cursor keys would allow us to move up and down these items in any of these UI lists, just like in any finder / file explorer type window paradigm (Full UI navigation via keyboard!)

    Thanks! :-)

  • Rulers / Guides in the Viewer and Layer window for alignment and placement of assets

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    I would like to become better tools to make tunnel (3d) effect loops in hitfilm.

    and lightning effects interact on audio, make hitfilm more usefull for VJ motion creators.

    like you can do with trapcode in aftereffects

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    @omen make your own. Grid filter on a grade layer. Save your presets. 

    @fild I'll look as those tutorials, but I expect Hitfilm already has the tools. Hitfilm's particle sim can do everything Particular can do, and more

  • I wish you could sort of rate stretch a selection of keyframes so that you can make the whole sequence shorter and longer. Currently, if you want to stretch out a keyframed animation, I think you have a lot of work to move the keyframes (individually or in sets) proportionally.

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    @THX1139 you can select multiple keyframes and stretch the whole lot proportionally. Not on my computer now, so don't remember if it CTRL or ALT+left click and drag. Note, if you see a keyframe "dim" its been moved off a frame boundary. You'll need to use the previous/next keyframe buttons above the timeline to nudge keys back to frame boundaries. 

  • idk if its allready existing, but i couldnt find it... a box selection by selecting the mask borders with the freehandmask would be grate...

  • Could you add a Mask Warp effect? It would make it possible to do object morphs. Thank you.

    Sincerely,                                                                                                                          Sunfire Studios

  • @JR1811

    Currently, you can marquee select multiple points of a mask and move them. But, additionally, I believe, you want a box to appear around the selected points so that you can move, rotate and scale the selected area of the mask. Which would be great. 

  • Hello all,

    I don't know if this is a problem for anyone else, but it occured to me, that I reached the limits of plane size (currently 8192px?). I wanted to build a 9 minute long horizontal scrolling text banner like a news ticker. To realize this, I had to build several text boxes, bring them to their starting positions (far beyond the width of 8192px, round about 60,000px outside of the frame) and animate them one after the other.

    I think It would be much easier, if there was not such a restriction in plane or text box size.

    Or perhaps I didn't saw the right way to do this. :-)

    Best regards


  • @Triem23

    Thanks for the pointer on the grid... of course this doesn't support snapping to the grid/rule lines...  It will do for now!

    Thanks! :-)

  • It would be nice to be able to lock layers in composite shots!

    So you can't accidentally drag/move them in the view/layer window if they're locked!

    Thanks! :-)

  • I wish that clicking anywhere in the blue highlighted bar would toggle the mute setting (and the same for all the other check-boxes) instead of requiring me to line up my cursor right in the box.  Nice websites and program installers also do this (unpleasant ones make you put the cursor in the box).

  • I wish that Hitfilm had an automated footage sync function (based on audio waveform), even if that was not included in Express but part of an add-on pack.

  • @THX1139 could you be a bit more specific? HitFilm already has a way to synchronize audio and video. Are you asking for multi cam support?

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    @CedricBonnier Yeah, a way to automatically synchronise multiple videos (from more than one camera) based on their audio waveforms. There are special tools which do this called Pluraleyes and Woowave and I read that one of the major video editors (maybe Premier or something) has this now also. 

  • Resolve does. It works fairly well. HitFilm's syncing workflow needs improvement though. It's clunky... and you can't use that feature on the timeline, as far as I can tell. 

    Timecode based autosync would be a great future addition also.

  • I wish Hitfilm wouldn't lag so much when I try to move multiple layers on the compositor timeline. The way I see it, it really shouldn't need to do any complicated graphical calculations to just move the timeline positions left and right. First move them and then do those hard calculations (whatever they are).

  • When moving layers on the composite editor, the ends snap to other layer's ends but this doesn't apply to key frames. It would be nice if key frames would snap to layer ends and the locations of other visible key frames. I wish it were so.

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