Mirroring a duplicate clip

Does anyone know if there is a setting that lets you flip a clip into a mirror image of the original clip?  Been going through them one at time trying to pick likely suspects,but no joy yet.

Sorry to clutter the forum.  Please forgive a silly old man.  All you have to do is grab a corner of the clip in the preview and drag it until it reverses.



  • Not silly at all, I didn't know you could simply grab the corner, I would have dont it in the transform controls. #Learntsomething

  • @Andy001z  For precision, after I saw what was going on with the corner, I looked at those setting in transform controls and set it there to do what the corner move was doing.  It was hard to keep the aspect ratio the same by dragging...at least for me.

  • Holding down SHIFT while dragging the corner will maintain the aspect ratio

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    @Aladdin4d But when dragging with Shift held, it scales in both axes.  To make a mirror image as @tddavis wanted, only one axis should be scaled.  In that case, it's much easier to unlock the scale constraint, then enter -100 for either the X or Y scale value as desired.

  • @Aladdin

    I thought for some reason holding the shift wasn't working right for me but @jsbarrett hit the nail on the head.  That's exactly what was happening because I had to reset to the y back to the original setting in the controls.  Thanks to both of you for helping me make sense of what I was doing.


  • @jsbarrett My comment was mostly just for information for Andy001z instead of solving tddavis' problem because well, he already solved it ;)

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