HitFilm Toolkit Pack included with Vegas Movie Studio 14 Suite Serial # not accepted

It installed from the DVD that came with the Vegas 14 suit, but then it came up to create an account and input the serial #  It says the serial # is not found or something like that.  I am a retired IT Technician, but I am not so senile I can not enter the correct number 5 times.

It created the account and I did verify my email. It still will not accept the number on the card in the DVD pack. I would hate to return this suite, your product was one of the factors that convinced me to go with it. i really hope we can get this registered.

Also, I notice it is not listed on your website, is it a special product that is only available with the Vegas Movie Studio 14 Suite?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Hey danny, this is more of a user forum, so best I can do toss you the install instructions. 


    Otherwise you should directly contact support. They might need account information you shouldn't post on a public forum. 


    I know at least some of the Staff are on a location shoot this week. I'd guess not EVERYONE is out of town, but if support is slow to respond, that's why. 

    Good luck! 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Oh, yes. The Hitfilm Toolkit is an older product with 20 filters from Hitfilm Ignite Pro. 

    Since then, FXHOME has released Hitfilm Ignite Express, which is free, and has 90 filters from Ignite Pro. I believe (not 100% certain) this works with Vegas Movie Studio 14. Certainly you should check it out. If it works it probably supercedes the Toolkit. 


  • Sorry about posting on a public one. I was logged in and just post it.  I thought maybe I should contact Magix as they do the suit DVD package.  i was watching your training videos. Not in a hurry. I used to work for a production company and know sometimes there are delays in stuff.

    Will stick in and be patient until it gets figured out. The product line is impressive. I retired back in 2002, so all this new stuff to me is what we could only dream of back then.

    You can delete this line. Thanks

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    No need to apologize for posting in the forum. It's easier to find. :-) 

    Can't hurt to also contact Magix. In the meantime, check out Ignite Express and cross reference that with the Toolkit. If Ignite has all the filters in the Toolkit, it's obviously a better option. 

    We'll leave this thread. It might help someone else later. 

  • I have VMS14 and the Ignite pack does supersede - and enlarge upon - what you get in the Hitfilm Toolkit except for four effects (I think, after quickly looking though them) that are only in the Toolkit; which are: Animated Lasers, Pro Skin Retouch, Gleam and Light Rays.

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