How to make your voice sound like an anouncer?

Hey everyone!

  How can I change my voice to sound like that of an announcer on a tv show?

Thanks in advance:)


  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    Some EQ and compression are your best bets so you'll probably want to use Audacity or the audio editor of your choice. Here's a couple of tutorials using Audacity

  • @Aladdin4d thanks I will watch those but I am sure they will help thanks. I use audacity so it is perfect!

    Thanks :)

  • I found (while messing around with Audactiy) that if you start with as best as you can impression, tone, pitch, stylle then apply the effects on top you will certainly get a much better result than just talking into a mic and applying effects on top.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Since @Andy001z brings it up, I wasn't going to say it, but to sound like an announcer, you have to talk like one. ;-) 

    Another thing for announcers (and radio DJ's) it there will be a pop filter right up on the mic. Record from right up against the mic--almost "kissing" it. Mics have a "proximity effect" where being close to the mic results in a boost of low end frequency. 

    When that close to the mic you'll have to really control airflow so your Ps, Bs and Ts don't overload the mic. This control is part of the announcer sound. 

    Otherwise, Announcers have highly compressed audio. Try a compression Threshold around -32 and a ratio of 4:1 if that's too much, try - 32 and 2:1 or -18 and 4:1.

    For EQ, try a bit of a boost at 200 or 250 Hz (about 3 db), and try a -3dB cut around 4KHz to knock back some sibilence. 

    For the record, Hit-U tutorials have a compression of -32 and 4:1 with a limiter set at -3. I use a specific DeEsser plug in for sibilence rather than EQ. 

  • Study and listen to how @Triem23 talks:)

  • @Andy001z Yea exactly, that is what we did and I am right know working on the video, it should come out later today!

    @Triem23 Thank you for the tips, they are helpful I will try using them!

    @Yeremyah Lol :)

  • @HIS_Films cool, look forward to hearing those gravelly tones.

  • @Andy001z It will be on my thread later! Thanks :)

  • Here's a quick tip to help kill pops from plosives if you don't have a pop filter: Take a marker and hold it vertically between your mouth and your microphone (only an inch or two in front of your mouth). It won't affect the way your voice is picked up by the mic, but will redirect the air from plosives around the marker, preventing them from hitting the mic capsule.  If you don't have a marker handy, a finger works just as well.  

  •  Thanks for the tip @jsbarrett I will try that!

  • @jsbarrett where on earth did that tip come from, never heard of that trick.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    edited July 2017

    @Andy001z oh, man @jsbarrett pulled out a classic. I should have mentioned it myself (pissed I didn't think about it at the time), so I'm glad he remembered to. 

  • @Andy001z It was recommended by more than one person I knew in my VO days.  I bought a pop filter pretty early on, but I think I actually used that trick at least once.

  • My video entry is in with the announcer voice over! Thanks to Ya'll!

    Check out my Thread :)

  • Future FYI - Headset mics...putting the mic head below the chin also takes care of plosives. 

  • Nice thanks for the tip @GrayMotion

  • @GrayMotion that's what I am starting to do as well.

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