Is it possible to copy and paste effects on the same layer?


I started adding some shake effects to a walking dinosaur to add some realism and make it bigger.  I am trying to copy and paste three different shake effects (about a second duration for each one) to each dinosaur step but it seems like everytime I copy and paste the effect, a new grade layer is added.

Is it possible to "copy and paste" or "drag copy" effects to the same layer (let's call it "shake fx" layer) somewhere else in the timeline without creating new layers? Is there a better way to assign the shake motion to the dinosaur footsteps

Thank you for your help!




  • Right click on the effect and select Duplicate. You can have multiple copies of effects on a layer, so perhaps you are copying the layer and not just the effect? 

  • Thanks. You are right I was just copying the layer not the effect.

    But I still have the same problem, I have shaking effect that is shaking thru the whole timeline. What I would like to accomplish is to trim the shaking effect to 1 second then copy and paste this one second shaking effect on the timeline each time a dinosaur footstep is hitting the ground, not random shaking like I have now.  If I could copy this 1 second shaking effect to the same track this would be easier to manage. 

    Is this possible in hit film?  

    Thank you.

  • You need to use keyframes on the Effect's values to reduce and increase the shake accordingly.

  • Thank you very much Palacono and Wixardboy.     The keyframe automation workflow was exactly what I was looking for!

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