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I am trying to learn more about editing, I have a sports channel where I do cool edits of sports players highlights/mix. I just got Hitfilm 4 express, before I had an iMovie because I just got a iMac this last February, but didn't use iMovie  til about June. before I had a really bad 30 dollar program I got at best buy,But yeah I am trying  to get more professional and to look like this kind of stuff. I have seen some of your guys tutorials but I don't think it is really stuff I want to put in my a sports video, like Thanks and I will continue to watch the tutorials and learn from the forum.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Welcome to Hitfilm.

    Where did you "just get" Hitfilm 4 Express from? Hitfilm Express 2017 was released in May, and FXHOME is no longer issuing license codes for Hitfilm 4 Express. You may be in a situation where you edit your first video, then find yourself unable to export as your Hitfilm 4 Express is probably in unregistered demo mode.

    You should probably go download and install the current version, Hitfilm Express 2017.

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