4 Express, Editor Light / Dark grey area

With 4 Express the editor is divided into a light and dark grey section. The dark grey starts from the 5 minutes mark. What does it mean?


  • @TomWittebrood  That's the default area of the editor length of project.  You can change it several ways.  If, say, you have a project that is only 2 minutes long, you can right click on the time bar above it and tell it to set to contents and the gray area will move so only the first 2 minutes are light gray.  Now, it will still continue to play into that area in preview but it won't render anything in the dark gray.  You can also use the in & out points to set the active area you want to render. That's the two arrows pointing into a box and out of a box just at the bottom of the preview window.  And you can also change the duration of your project overall in a composite by clicking on the gear icon at the right of the media panel next to the name of the media.  I'm sure I didn't explain this as properly as I should have, but I hope this clears up a little of your questions.

  • You answered my question perfectly :) thanks!

  • You're welcome.  Glad I could help.

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