Multiple active cameras, last tutorial by triem

I thought of it for longer but after watching the last tutorial made by triem ist timeto askhelp about it. The tip to add different cameras with limited lifetime leads me to one question: Is it possible to create a multiview of the same scene with different cameras? E.g. an 3D-szene where you have two cameras each of them filling a side of the Screen and beeing "active" the same time?



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    Nope--only the topmost active camera on a timeline will be active. So, while you can have camera "cuts" within a scene by having multiple cameras active at different times you can't do a "realtime splitscreen."

    There's a more complete answer on your YouTube comment. 

  • You can of course, render the scene  with camera 1 active, than again with camera 2, etc and subsequently edit those videos together into a "multi view"  easily.

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    @CowboyBob that works, but here's my longer response from YouTube. Almost what you said, but set up to keep both cameras "Live" for editing. 

    Probably the way I would go about this would be to create the animation in a comp. Duplicate the comp and create/place/animate the second camera, then create a third comp, drag in both camera comps, then use the split screen masking filter to set up both windows.

    If you're in Express then Split Screen Masking is part of the optional Starter Pack add-on. If you don't have it, then you would need to draw a rectangular mask on both the embedded comps and use the position properties to move each half-screen window to the edges of the screen. Then if you need to adjust a camera, return to its dedicated composite shot.

    Coincidentally enough I was doing this exact thing earlier tonight setting up a demo for the next episode.

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    "You can create multiple cameras in the same composite shot. Each camera can be positioned separately, enabling multiple views of the same 3D scene. Only one camera can be used at a time." however as mentioned above.

    This would be a cool ability for a future HitFilm version:

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    @Triem23 @Yeremiah

    I found a way to get what I what in hitfilm with two (or more) cameras and ONE source. Beeing not at home I can't do it with the desired Project but here is a small sample of the result:

    One main Composite shot (taking from the twirl demo Project) in two camera views simultaneously (not copying or duplicating the Composite shot!). One camera is moving 90 degrees to the side, the other one to the top. The "source" (that's the Name of the comp in that Project) is only used once. Changes I do affect both camera views (like the Animation you see which only runs once). Sorry for the simple Demonstration but hopefully it's enough to Point Things out.

    Here is the result:!At9eSTu2tUJBs8UEl5P7AAdXL6k2Aw


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