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  • Yes Triem, Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. I think I'll upgrade now though. I'll only submit this new one by itself to festivals. Each subsequent one has been a learning experience, so when I look back now, I see more errors than ever before and say to myself "Geez, I could have done so much better" lol.

    However, for fun....I might splice them all together for one mighty 2 hour epic :). Truth to tell, I never wanted to be in front of the camera for any of them. But as I only filmed around people's free time, I discovered my projects would get done quicker if I filmed myself.......otherwise it would have taken me decades to wait for others to be

    I admit, I missed the "aliens" in this if I can think of an original story that includes them in the future, I might go back in to Episode V :). For now, I've learned a Hell of a lot about lighting, green/blue screens, and filming multiple angles in CGI environments. It can only look better when I upgrade my equipment and software.

    So...stay tuned :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I can see where you missed the aliens. Without a true antagonist, the feel of this latest chapter is different. But it's also kind of nice that, rather that having pointlessly evil aliens, that this time it's just a simple mistake causing worldwide destruction.

    Yeah, still being in 2 Ultimate, along with the iPad really highlights what BobDiMarzio said about people not being able to use limited gear as an excuse.

    Reminds me of being in a failed electronic band in the 90's and early 2000's. No one else ever wanted to release anything. It was always "If we just had x, y and z, everything would be so much cooler!" Yeah, whatever guys, we've got four hours of completed tracks, can we released them and not just remix everything over and over and over?

    Now, the next listing is for the benefit of those reading the thread as an example of how Paul just put together something amazing using a much older version of the software. Secondarily, for Paul to realize how much easier his life will get once he does upgrade.

    Here are just a few features from later versions of Hitfilm that will make Paul happy:

    • 3D models as particle sim textures (added in Hitfilm 3 Pro, and great for massive alien fleets or great big asteroid fields).
    • Manual Bezier Keyframes (added in Hitfilm 4 Pro, the ability to really dial in acceleration curves simplifies all kinds of animation)
    • Auto-Alignment (added in Hitfilm Pro 4, the ability to have any layer, camera or light automatically face another layer--or point layer--really simplifies animations for flying spaceships and for complex camera moves)
    • Grid Emitters (added in Hitfilm 4 Pro, even particle arrays have lots of uses)
    • Cook-Torrance shading (added in Hitfilm 4 Pro, this shader model adds on to the 3D model materials settings in earlier versions making it possible to get materials result absolutely impossible in Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. Metallic or rocky materials in particular.)
    • Sphere filter now responds to scene lights (Added in Hitfilm 2017, this is great for planets)
  • Mmmmmmmm........<drool>...........yup.................just what I need :)

  • I loved it! :D

    Pick any 5 seconds of it and you could make several tutorials on what went into making them. Only thing for me was the dialogue was a bit quiet or under other sounds in places

  • Thanks Palacono! And you're very much right.......a few places I wasn't happy with the audio, but by that stage I said to myself "to Hell with it" I took a week off work to finish the last part of the film, and the thought of going back fixing sound drove me crazy :)

    However, I must admit, I made the audio a bit better than my previous installments ....and once again, I have learned so much more this time round. Might seek out new audio software too soon!! :)

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    @WedgeOz Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!! Fantastic as always and it's one of the best things I've watched all year

  • Too kind Aladdin! :) Hitfilm software is the best "big boy toy" ever! Been wanting to do this kind of thing since 1977 (Star Wars). Great fun! :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Damn, Paul, gave it a rewatch today and some of those shots are just so dead on they'd hold up in a large budget production. "Past Paul" lifting off at 23:20 is a good example. I just backed up a few extra times to look at that shot again! Really incredible work! You and @AustinTheWeird keep proving how good a package 2 Ultimate really was! 

  • Thanks for that! Yes....I really love that one too! I discovered the more hi-res the background is the better. And making the background "live" or a good video is ALWAYS better than just a photo! Looking forward to tinkering with upgraded software soon :)

  • Hmmmmm......I got a little inspiration today for a possible However, it'll only be after I do a massive upgrade of equipment and software :)

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