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Another gaming video from me - trying out some of the techniques I continue to learn from the tutorial videos. This time, doing freeze frames, masking and image darkening, to produce highlights.

Any feedback gratefully accepted - personally I think the intro is too long, but need to re-engineer the audio file to be able to shorten it in any meaningful way.



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    Without watching the video yet I'll point out Audacity as a free, cross platform audio editor that has more advanced tools than Hitfilm's audio. Quite a few Hitfilm users use Audacity as their external audio editor. 

  • Very nicely done.... and you're right about the intro needing to be shorter.

    P.S. I also use Audacity for adding effects, adjusting  and slicing audio files.

  • Nice work @Radionotme. I watched this earlier via Twitter. It's edited nicely and explained clearly. I agree the title could do with a trim and the audio could be a bit louder but you've made a great start. I look forward to seeing more Overwatch coverage, so keep sharing :)

  • @Triem23 ;

    Yeah, Audacity is my go to audio editor

  • @Radionotme

    I made the intro shorter for ya, I took out the text so that you can use this for more videos and I readjusted the audio. Hope this helps.

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    Nice video!  The shorter intro you made should work much better in the future. Re: the original, nice job on editing, especially spotlighting specific things for the viewer.

    Just to toss in my $.02 for audio editing, I use Reaper.  It's a more advanced DAW than Audacity, so it's not for everyone, but I've been using it for years and really love it.  For simple stuff I believe they still let you use it for free.  If you're making money with your projects, the have a two-tier licensing scheme, but even there it's far more affordable than other DAWs.  Anyway, just tossing it out into the mix

  • Wow, thanks everyone!

    Regarding the audio; I use a mixture of Soundforge, Audacity and Goldwave, but actually for this intro music, it's handcrafted in Magix from loops, so I don't need to edit the wave/mp3 file, I can re-engineer it directly. I trimmed it down last night from 27 seconds, to 15 seconds for future videos.

  • Is there a big difference when it comes to programs such as Audacity, Soundforge and Goldwave? I've been only using Audacity so far and can't complain about it. I'm open to learning new programs as well. 

  • Stunning gaming video

  • @bakerlee, not really, at least not for my usage. Goldwave is an old stalwart that I've used since the Win95 days, Soundforge I recently got as part of a humblebundle, and Audacity comes well recommended


    @Hudson982 Thanks!

  • @Radionotme thanks for the reply! I guess I shouldn't bother with Goldwave or Soundforge, then? 

  • Took me a month, but finally made a followup!

    I've both reduced the length of the intro video, and hopefully made it more interesting with a moving mask overlay, I'll be interested to see what you guys think of the improvement.

    The content itself is actually fairly anti-climactic, but was more about me experimenting with cutting a single video into multiple segments, and then overlaying them into a single frame. Hitfilm did not like trying to play that collection back live in the editor! Took a fair bit of work to get the individual segments to sync up.

    Now I've proven I can actually do that though, I've got some ideas for more interesting stuff I can do with it. I just need to generate the content, first!


  • Nice! Definitely like the shorter intro, and the animated mask overlay works well, though it cuts off before it fully exits the frame.

    The next thing I suggest playing with would be more interesting backgrounds.  For the shot where you have the five screens in the frame, you could simply take a single frame from any of those (maybe before the box blows open), blur it a ton, maybe darken it a bit, and lay it in the background.  The intro could use a different background as well, but it doesn't have to be fancy.  Even a solid color with a subtle vignette would be a step up.

  • Thanks,

    Agreed on the picture bit, that's a good idea. I'll definitely do that for next time.

    Unfortunately I'm a bit stuck on the intro, as the spinning logo is a video that I've used from elsewhere, and use Hitfilm to resize and move it around the frame. Since it already has a black background, then to do anything other than match it, will make it obvious that it's a black rectangle moving around the screen.

    I might look into recreating the Logo in Blender myself, which will give me more freedom. I think Hitfilm can manipulate 3D models can't it? Or is that just the Pro version.

  • Only Pro can import 3D models.  As for using that clip on a different background, try the Demult effect.  That will treat all black areas as transparent, and all brighter colors as semi-transparent.  I tried it in a simple setup: downloaded your video, and put it over a dark red plane with the Vignette 1080p effect preset.  Added Demult to the video layer. Works pretty well, even with your text.

  • Awesome, I'll give that a try, thanks!

  • OliThompsonOliThompson Staff
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    Radionotme I like your use of effects showing the 5 screens spread out and highlighting the Torbjörn loot you got. Keep it up, I'm interested in seeing more with the addition of the suggestions above :)

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