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Ok got the video card issue figured out and dealt with so now I need to consider the other bottle neck which is upgrading my CPU.

At a quick glance it seems that I would be considering an Intel CPU and I thought go big or go home so I looked up the i7 only to be presented with a huge selection of i7 processor types.

Since it was obvious I was clueless when it came to determining the right video card for my needs I figured its best to ask here before making a decision on a CPU upgrade.

My current CPU is an old AMD Phenom II X4 970 3.50 ghz.
I am getting a GTX 780 Ti video card.

Question is, for using HFP 2017 what kind of a CPU should I be considering to maximize my editing/compositing with HFP 2017?
Should I go AMD or Intel and what level of processor should I aim for without going nuts price wise?

EDIT: Also do I want to consider refurbished processors or should I refrain from those?


  • Hey, I'm not the best person to answer this question so await more responses but IMO there's not much point in upgrading your CPU. I upgraded my Phenom 965 to an i7 6700 but it's only twice as fast and makes little difference to video editing anyway because it's never maxed out. IMO you should put all your upgrade money on the GPU and maybe get one with more than 2 GB of memory. I personally use GTX 950 and it's okay until I have about 20 or more composite layers and then it starts slowing down. 

    Make sure you use an editing codec like DNxHD and set the viewer window to half or quarter quality. 

  • Was under the impression that the 2 bottle necks were the GPU and the CPU. 

    I'm upgrading to the gtx  780 ti  from my gtx 640 so looking to also upgrade my CPU since it is also over 5 years old.

  • I think I read that the CPU is mainly involved in encoding and decoding so if you're editing a suitable format, the only time it comes into play is when you're exporting your final videos.

    If you still want to upgrade your CPU maybe at least compare benchmarks to your current processor so you realise what percentage of improvement you're getting. I personally would never upgrade to anything less than twice the performance. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    One thing to look at is the minimum recommended CPU for a GPU. While CPU speed upgrades are usually fairly incremental, (this is an extreme example) putting an Nvidia 1080 into a box with a 2xxx series Intel CPU will cause a bottleneck between the CPU and GPU. 

    Specs are a pain. 

  • Think this will be useful for you 


    Also more unbiased than others.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    The article @davide445 links is pretty useful. As a comment on it, Hitfilm is OpenGL based and optimized for gaming GPUs. Therefore, for Hitfilm performance you're looking at the gaming tiers (not "cheap gaming" those CPUs are under min spec for Hitfilm). 

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