Linear workflow in Pro 2017

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but Hitfilm Pro 2017 does not use a linear colorspace, right? 

 So if I have clips that are linear, say .EXR files, how do I maintain this through the edit and delivery? 


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    Lemme tag a staff member, because that's a "deep technical" question. 

    Eenie, meenie, miney, @CedricBonnier ;

  • I would say in 16-bit float mode that Hitfilm is probably using a linear space. Twice the value is twice the light.

    "...through edit and delivery".

    Your delivery is going to be EXR, right? 

  • RobLaycockRobLaycock Staff
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    @HitFilmer271390 is correct. In HitFilm Pro 2017, pixel data imported from EXR files is converted from linear color space to sRGB, composited in sRGB, and then converted back to linear when exporting to the EXR format.

    Adding the ability to use a linear color space in HitFilm is a feature that we really would like to add. It would give you the ability to retain the linear color space throughout the pipeline. It would also significantly improve the realism of composite shots containing 2D blending or 3D lit layers in general.

  • @RobLaycock  I'd suggest the Hollywood model, which is to adopt ACES. It's very flexible, and facilitates working with other tools, cameras, etc... and would enable HitFilm to support HDR.

  • @RobLaycock Thanks for the clarification. Until this is implemented, are there workarounds that can be implemented? 3rd party plugins to convert colorspace? Or is it best to use the existing linear to srgb to linear workflow?

  • RobLaycockRobLaycock Staff
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     Thanks for the suggestion @WhiteCranePhoto.

    @HitFilmer271390 - Until we investigate native support for a full linear workflow it's best to use the existing workflow. You can't avoid the conversion between color spaces currently with EXR import/export. However, if you use 16-bit or 32-bit color bit depth in your project settings, then the color values will not be clamped in the 0-1 range when exporting using the EXR file format.

  • @RobLaycock No problem... I'm hoping to be able to use HitFilm for more than just small projects that I'm shooting in ProRes in the future... which is why I poke now and then for RedCode support :)


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