Chroma key green tape

Can somebody recommend a chroma key tape and/or explain which tape would be suitable.

This Rosco Chroma Key Green tape  seems to be the stuff but £20+ a roll??? 

Slightly cheaper and still  mention chroma-green is CHROMA-GREEN WASHI TAPE 50MM X 50 METRE ROLL  

It then goes all the way down Pro-Gaff RS127GN24X25 24 mm x 25 yd Fluorescent Matt Cloth Tape  for just £6 but, I suspect, isn't suitable???




  • Are you tapping to cloth? I just use bright neon green duct tape and it works for me, I do not know what you are tapping to?

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    It's going to be taping a chroma screen to the floor, two screens together (at the back) and hiding a few clamps. 

    So something like this Gaffa tape Neon Green 25m 50mm ???
    (although that £10 PLUS  £16 delivery.... the Highwaymen)


  • I think as long as you got bright green tape it should work, I got my bright green duct tape at Walmart :)

  • are you keying in hitfilm? when I do it works, but in after effects it does not work the same, in hitfilm I use the greenscreen key and it works with the duct tape :)

  • Thanks @HIS_Films

    I'll be using Hitfilm 4 Pro so will look at normal green duct tape.

  • Great it should work as long as it is pretty close to the color of your green screen!

  • For what it's worth:  Wal-Mart makes a house brand of of paint in Kelley green that is an exact match to the green screen cloth I purchased for B&H Photo.  I use it for sticks and rods if needed, but would work on lots of things but not taping I'm afraid.

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     @tonyg ;What kind of floor are you taping to? Double sided carpet tape might do the trick and it's pretty cheap. Downside is it might be a pain to remove from the floor. 

    The last green tape I bought was green duct tape from Dollar Tree and it keyed ok in HitFilm. I think the UK equivalent to Dollar Tree is Poundland?

  • Thanks all.

    Sticking this to 'wood-a-like' flooring. so duct tape would be perfect. Shouldn't be a problem finding  a Poundland or equivalent as we have enough of them to choose from nowadays :-)  

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