New video card

My lovely wife has given me the go ahead to upgrade my video card. :)

That being said I currently have a nvidia 640 and have the funds to upgrade to a nvidia 1050 w/4gb.

On the surface that sounds good but I thought I saw @Triem say something to the affect that that may not be the best thing to do.

Would appreciate some input on what kind of card I should be looking at.

I play a game called Eve Online and record extensively and do a lot of editing and now compositing since finding HF.



  • @ScottReid  For what it's worth and personal experience: I use the Geforce GTX 1060 6 GB and it performs very well in my system.  The 1080 has come out since and I think it would be a better card now, but wait for Triem23 to weigh in here.  He has a much more extensive knowledge than I

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    Scott, ( @JavertValbarr I'll tag you in case you're interested in my logic)

    Ok, here's the deal with Nvidia cards. The "hundreds" digit represent the generation of the card. The "tens" digit is the series number.

    Anything below "x60" is a low-end card.

    TL/DR IMHO, anything that's "x50" or lower is a waste of money. the "x60" is usually the best value for money and is the minimum card one should look at for a demanding program like Hitfilm. The "x70" is a worthy upgrade if you have the cash, and the "x80" is for people who either have the money to blow on diminishing returns, or for people who know they'll be running a particular machine for three years and want the best they can get now (which applies to me and this particular laptop. It's two years old and I'll run it for another two years before I upgrade).

    Now some numbers...

    Benchmarks are an imperfect measure, but let's compare my laptop's Nvidia 980m to a desktop 770

    Roughly the same. Close enough where I'll call it a tie. Laptop cards are always lower in power than a desktop card, but, my laptop's card is just barely more powerful than a desktop card two generations older and one series lower. For most of the rest of this, my laptop's 980m is the "baseline" we'll compare everything else to.

    Let's compare the 980m to the 1050

    Oh dear. The 1050 is a LOT slower than the 980m! It's a lot slower than a card THREE generations older and one series higher! Conclusion--the 1050 isn't a very good GPU. For the $100 of the 1050, you can get a refurbished 780Ti

    Let's look at the 1050 vs a 780Ti.

    Yes, that 780ti is a better use of your $100 than that 1050!

    Let's look at the 980m vs the 1060. And the 1050 vs 1060

    That extra $50 makes a real difference.

    Now let's look at the 1050 vs the 1070:

    Ok, that's faster yet, but it's also three times the price!

    Once you start looking at the 1080 vs the 1070 you're paying a lot more money (a 1080ti is almost twice the price of a 1070) for a smaller speedup (about 40% faster).

    So, at least this particular set of benchmarks agrees with my advice. ;-)

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    That's actually a pretty good upgrade. With Nvidia the leading number is the series and the trailing numbers the ranking within the series. You have a series 6 and the rank is 40. The 1050 is series 10 and rank 50 so both are higher than what you have. Where you might not want to upgrade is when the rank is lower than what you already have. If you had a 680, a 780 or a 960 then the 1050 isn't a good upgrade choice because it's basically only equal to the 680. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I have to agree with @Aladdin4d that the 1050 is certainly a major upgrade from the 640, but I still feel the "x50" tends to be underpowered, so I'd still recommend trying to grab a few extra bucks for the 1060 or think about an older 780ti for the same price as the 1050.

    Aladdin, any reasons you can think of where my logic is off?

  • Well this was definitely an eye opener.

    Glad I asked before I ordered the 1050 as I had no idea what the numbers really meant.  I would have been very disappointed once I put that in my computer. :P

    Thank you everyone for your prompt replies.

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    @Triem23 Nope the only thing I'd add, and should have thought of earlier, is about power consumption. The 640 only needs 65-75 watts if I remember right. A 780ti needs about 4 times that at 250+ watts and that means a new power supply might be needed too. 

    @ScottReid to put that into perspective a system with a 640 probably only needs a 350-400 watt power supply. The same system with a 780 needs a 600 watt power supply. A 1050 has roughly the same power requirements as a 640 at 75 watts so you shouldn't even have to think about upgrading the power supply too. A 1060 needs 120 watts I think so if your current power supply is 400 watts or better, you'd probably be ok making the 1060 the better choice. 

    If your power supply is up to the task then Triem's refurbished 780 is a great choice because it's still a pretty beastly GPU for that kind of money.

  • On the other side of the market worth considering also the RX 560 as 1050 equivalent. 

    RX 570 will be a much better choice but with the crazy cryptomining prices will be hard to find one at fair price. 

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    Just be mindful...upgrading a video card, you may experience a bottleneck with the rest of your PC if the specs are not as powerful.


  • I have a 1060 3GB (yes I know I should of got the 6gb but money was tight). Anyway, for most stuff in Hitfilm it's fine, but start throwing particles at it will slow it down. For me it's fine, but I guess it depends on what you are into most and what level of speed (i.e. render and performance on the day) you need, if you banging out YouTube videos weekly you might need a faster card.

    I agree with the comment about the rest of the system, my now 6 years old system is holding up well but I know the HD and the memory are bottle necks. I also know that the amount of software installed and crap loaded in that time is having an impact.

    One thing to consider is spending that little bit more on the GPU now should ensure you can move it to your new future build and have it still perform. The nice thing about GPU's is that they are very plug and play. (subject to Case and power requirement)

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    If upgrade for video editing then consider CPU upgrade. Video Editing software mostly rely on CPU. GPU is necessary but any 2GB or more GPU will work.

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    @Survoraj mostly true with most software but Hitfilm is very GPU heavy and so having a good one will make that difference between frustration and getting good results.

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    @davide445 I didn't mention AMD cards just because of the cryptominers buying them all up. I'm headed into week 6 waiting on an RX 580. 

  • The OP asked for a 1050 and I did say RX 560 is the direct competitor with th same 75w TDP and similar performances.

    This can be found at about the same price, I suppose not powerful enough for miners focusing on 570 and 580.

  • I have a custom built pc based around the Ryzen 1800x, 32gb of ram and the Amd Radeon Vega Frontier Edition graphic card. How well do you think rhis system will run HitFilm being that it's a new graphic card and there aren't any mature drivers for it?

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    @Industrystandard My first guess would be not well. HitFilm is optimized for gaming GPU's and doesn't work well, if at all, with workstation GPU's. If the drivers mature for gaming, which is supposed to happen for play testing during game development, then it might do very well but it's pretty much an unknown at this point. 

  • That a bit disheartening to hear @Aladdin4d

    im hoping they will 

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    @Industrystandard, HitFilm Express is free and you could always try the Pro 2017 trial and see how things go.

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    Before upgrading you need to know how powerful your power supply is, and whether or not a new card will fit in your case.

    Seeing you have a GT 640, it's not unreasonable to think that the rest of the specs are 5+ years old as well, like the CPU, which may turn out to "bottleneck" your new GPU's performance.

    The 1050 is roughly 400% faster than the GT 640, the GT 640 was not a gaming card to begin with either.

    At the time, the GTX 650 (their entry gaming card) was about 100% faster than the GT 640.

    You won't find the AMD GPU's for cheap, they're being used as mining cards. All current gen AMD cards are sold out, and double or more worth second hand than MSRP.

    NVIDIA is your best bet, I would buy that 1050 no doubt. It's a helluva upgrade from your 640. The 1050 (non Ti) is on par with the GTX 760 of last generation.

    I purchased my R9 380 (GTX 760 equivalent) for €190, for the same price today, I can buy a RX 470 which is about 20-25% faster. GPU performance is moving very quickly, considering it's only 1 year between the two cards.


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    GTX 1050 2GB can be found on at around $110-$130.

    RX 560 2GB can be found on the same site for the same price. 

    @Industrystandard it all depends what's "acceptable" performance for you. Current gaming benchmarks for the Vega FE set them at roughly GTX 1080 level, that's IMHO it's a more than acceptable level. Also to be noted these are DX benchmarks, but HitFilm is OpenGL. The only OpenGL bench of the Vega FE I know is Cinebench that put it at +15% vs Titan Xp, a more than respectable performance. Considering drivers will be optimized in the future (RX Vega gaming card early bench show already a +20% gain) will become only better.

    With such a system I suppose your major focus will be not gaming and for professional application you have a beast of system.

  • @davide445 thanks for the clarity and yes this machine is strictly for professional editing and some programming. I purchased HitFilm Pro during the special promotion they had last week and have yet to try it out with this system.  On a side note I did try it with Vegas Pro 14 and it turned all of the skin tones and some materials, blue. That's without any color grading or effects on, but when I put it back to CPU playback, it returned back to normal  

  • @Industrystandard curious to know your HFP performances experience on such a system.

  • @davide445 I will update you once I get my hands dirty with it. Also why does my comments need approval from the moderators? I haven't done anything outside of forum rules..... have Trying to respond to forum members is becoming a chore. 

  •  @Industrystandard some Moderator (i.e. @Triem23) will know for sure, but I suppose since you are new this is standard procedure up to some n° of approved posts. Seen in other forums, probably to avoid robo spamming.

  • @Industrystandard @davide445  I had this same problem when I was first starting to tag people.  It was the automated system being uber cautious in the fact, I believe, that I was copying and pasting usernames and @ symbol for links because when I typed it it didn't automatically turn blue and I thought I was doing it wrong.  Once I started typing every time it never happened again so I assumed that was the reason in the copy and paste.  If it happens to you again, try taking the.notification link out and see if it posts immediately.

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    For the record, moderators aren't staff we're just users like anybody else with a few extra "perks". We can edit and even delete comments but there's no comment approval process through the moderators. If you're seeing that kind of message after trying to post it's the forum's spam filter kicking in for one reason or another and moderators don't have any control over that.

  • @tddavis thanks for this information. I did copy and paste the name I was responding to because it's hard trying to remember a name with odd spelling. Plus I'm on a phone so when I respond I only see the dialogue entry box and nothing else. This reply is done with you suggestion. 

  • @Industrystandard

    I know exactly what you mean when using the cellphone.  The scrolling back and forth to get the spelling right is a pain.  Glad my suggestion might have helped your issue out.  Hopefully it'll stay that way like it did for me.

  • @Industrystandard

    I've added you to the auto-approved list, so you shouldn't run afoul of our sometimes over-zealous spam filter again.

  • @davide445 I will update you once I get my hands dirty!

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