Why I use Hitfilm express 2017

I know this is a little different but I just made a video about why I love hitfilm express 2017 and why I think everyone should use it.


Let me know what you think. 



  • Looks good! Nice overview of what you feel are the best points of the software.  Good camera angles and shot choices, good lighting (mostly...more on this below), and nice music choice.

    My main tip: tighten up your edits.  Cutting out dead spots in your on-camera footage is a popular approach for vlogs, but you've still got little quarter- to half-second bits here and there that make the edit feel just a tad unfinished, and make the pace drag just a little.  Some are at the beginnings of shots, some are at the end.

    A smaller thing I noticed, especially during cuts between shots from the same angle, is a really subtle banding in the lighting on the walls.  My gut says it's a conflict between your lighting (I'm guessing at least one source is fluorescent) and your camera's shutter speed.

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    Good overview!

  • There you go!
    Nice review :)

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