Northumberlandia Phantom Drone

Combined some of my hobbies to bring to life a tourists attraction close to home. I Shot the footage with a Phantom4 drone and used photogrammetry along with reality capture to create the model.
Put the model in to Unreal engine built a environment around it and captured footage inside of the engine. Used Iclone7 beta for character animation sequences and used hitfilm17 to put it all together and add colour grades , sound ,effects etc.

Northumberlandia She is 100 feet high and a quarter of a mile long and made of 1.5 million tonnes of rock, clay and soil. This makes her the World?s largest human landform sculpture.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    That is gorgeous work. 


    I had settled in for 6 minutes of beauty shots. The monster attacks are genuinely jarring. Well played. 

    My single complaint... Gojira/Godzilla sounds are too iconic--the moment of shock from the attack became the chuckle of "Godzilla!" It's kind of how the Wilhelm scream is overused now. When it was just Ben Burtt sneaking it in on everything it was funny, now it's distracting. 

  • Nice work, the drone shot with the added effects works well, although I am unsure if its my office computer or the video but it does not feel smooth. As a video game player of old I have to say I am not a huge fan of CGI characters unless they are done really well, going back to the days of Diablo intro scenes these are sweet and add, this I felt subjected from the overall quality of the video.

  • I liked it , although I found that I really liked it a lot, when I played at youtube's double speed.    My only observation was that the phantom's right side motor nacelle  amd prop was visible from 3:32 to 3:47 during the tight pivot.  I also have a phantom 4 and I typically record everything @ 2.7K with an final edit output of 1080P, so I can fix the inevitable  horizon tilt or when the nacelle or props, pop into view.    

  • @BobDiMarzio no props or nacelles visible, that's the right leg because he's looking down and travelling fast sideways. But that could still have been removed with a slightly lopsided crop'n'zoom, even on 1080p. No one would really have noticed the quality change. They don't when you stabilise and zoom in normal camera footage.

  • @Palacono  Yes I agree,  for that reason, whenever I am doing a tight pivot around a POI I reduce speed, Sometimes it happens anyway and that's why I said that I film in 2.7K so I can adjust in post without losing resolution.  It can become a real pain if you fly a carefully planned 15 minute Litchi mission  an hour from home only to see that you were pivoting too fast around an important POI, or your forward speed into a headwind may have caused prop visibility.   Although most folks know that the aerial footage is done from a UAV, the prop or arm visibility becomes an Ah HA moment.     I wasn't trying to be nit picky, I just was not sure that Alchemist had seen the arm in the video.  

  • I know, but arms, props and legs are all different. I was being picky. ;)

    What are you flying? And are you Android or iOS with Litchi?

  • @Palacono  I'm flying a Phantom 4, Ipad mini 4.     I use the Litchi mission hub to do all my mission programming.    I find  programming a mission using the device to be a bit cumbersome for my fat old fingers and I then require my super reading glasses to see the teeny tiny font.    I cannot remember the last time I used DJI Go4 to fly. I only use DJI Go 4 for IMU calibrations and DJI specific setting like battery discharge times.  

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    Some good P4P bundle deals around now, but as soon as I get one: P5 will be announced. ;)

  • Thanks for the feedback its appreciated.  Triem i agree with your comment about the roar  i had doubts about the sound for the roar but i just got lazy and went with Godzilla which was a mistake and thanks for your kind words.

    Yep the drone did clip in the image a bit in a few shots but we live and learn . Got a Mavic drone as well  but i still say the Phantom 3 drone is best value for money its a great drone for the price. 

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