Nicholas Josey-The Diamond Block YouTube Channel Video Thread (Feedback Is Welcome)

Welcome !:

The Purpose Of This Thread Is To Show My Videos From My Youtube Channel & For Feedback


(Nicholas Josey-The Diamond Block is my youtube channel name)

YouTube Channel: ;

About My YouTube Channel: My Youtube Channel Is A Gaming Channel That Mostly Consists Of Minecraft Videos (Minecraft is one of my favourite games) But There Is Also A Variety Of Content On My Channel.

All My Videos Are Edited With Hitfilm 4 Express/Hitfilm Express 2017

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Below I Have Made A list Of The Type Of Feedback I Want

(Please Give Honest Feedback)

-Myself in my videos

-My editing in videos

-and anything i can do better on

-The titles of my videos (Suggestions For Better Video Titles Are Welcome)

-Video Quality

-any other feedback is Welcome 






  •  Can You Please View My Videos And Give Me Feedback I'm Trying To Make My Videos Better  

  • Hi @njosey4740, great job on the videos so far. It's good to see you've got a nice variety of different content on the channel which will let you see what goes down best with your audience :) Good quality on the videos although I'd be tempted to maybe trim the content so that it comes out a little snappier and engaging for the audience. And as standard with all gaming channels, the better the hardware, the better the games will look in the video so that's always something to work towards. Keep it up Nicholas :) 

  • @Njosey4740 OK so I clicked on your channel, but before I give any first impression feedback, your question to the comunity is broad, questions on specific things tend to get more feedback. E.g. What do you think of this Video or this title or this effect, work better. Of course you are looking for general feedback then that is fine, but with a fair bit of content that might take some time, which as they say "Time is money". Anyway, my impression of the channel is good, lots of nice looking videos. I watched your into and have to agree with Oli about the timing and making it punchy. Have you played with cutting on music queues/beats this can really give your video the punch to keep the viewer entertained. There are some howto vids on making this kind of cut.

    Good luck and keep it up.

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    A Video From My Channel:


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    Here are my main thoughts on this video:

    • It's too long.  You only have eight segments to this video, but it's over four minutes long.  You could compress all of that into a nice little teaser that's maybe 30 seconds, tops.
    • For example, a good rule of thumb for title card timing is to figure out how long it takes to read the line(s) out loud at a relaxed, normal pace, then multiply that time by 1.5, possibly 2 for longer stretches of text.  For me, "Do you love playing Minecraft?" only takes about 1.5 seconds, so it doesn't need to be on the screen for more than 2-3 seconds.  Yours is up for 16-17 seconds.  Waaaaaayyy too long. 
    • Same goes for your example clips.  You could probably trim each of those clips down to maybe 4-6 seconds, and really focus on the best 4-6 seconds of each clip.  The idea is to give folks a quick tease of your content so that they watch your full videos.  The longer you make them wait to see the next example, the more likely they are to skip to watch someone else's channel.
    • All of your content should be top quality, including backgrounds.  The starburst background you use in several places is a pretty low-resolution image.  Take the time to make/find a new one with more detail.  You could make a procedural one in HitFilm really easily.
  • @jsbarrett  Thanks For The FeedBack, I Appreciate It

  • If it will help, @njosey4740, I just posted a YouTube video showing how to make a simple procedural starburst in HitFilm:


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