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 when you  are  working  with 3d models , is there any way to save it as file,preset?


  • Yes. When you first load in a model, put it in its own Composite Shot with a couple of lights. Once you get your model imported, materials set and animation points rigged, right click the Composite Shot in the Media Panel and choose Save Composite Shot to save out your model setup. I always save this Composite Shot to the same folder where the source model is.

    If you're using multiple models in a scene or have models you know go together a lot (Like a Star Wars Battle where you know you needa TIEs and X-Wings), set up each model in it's own Composite Shot and save as a project. 

    Power Tip--you can import a Hitfilm Composite Shot or Project into another project. The pull out menu next to the Import button by the media pool includes "Import Composite Shot" which, obviously lets you import a single saves Comp Shot, but you can also import an entire PROJECT as a "Comp Shot." In this case you'll get a list of every Composite Shot in the Project and you can choose ones to import. 

    This ia also the key to saving anything as a preset or template. 

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     Once I am done with 3d models ,when I go to the Media panel and right click the Composite shot , there is no option to choose (save Composite shot ), by the way I am using hit film 2 Ultimate . 

  • Huh. There should be. I've been saving Composite Shot rigs of models since Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. 

     Not on my computer right now. Double check this tutorial, which goes over saving Composite Shots. Remember, you can also save a project and load that as a Composite Shot, too. 


  • All right ,I got it thanks for the link and appreciate your help  awesome!!!!!

  • No problem. Saving models as Composite Shots is just smart thinking, anyway. It can take an hour or two to really get a model's settings dialed in, and who wants to go thru that crap again? ;-) 

  • Btw, you can get really fancy with this. If the model is something like a helicopter, save the Composite Shot with the rotors animated. If you're doing the steps Simon shows in his tutorial on adding lights to 3D models, save that. If you have a spaceship or plane where you might need points rigged for thrusters or exhaust, or something with guns that might need rigging for muzzle flashes--anything you can think of--save in your template. It's easier to delete something you've set up that you don't need than to set it up in the first place. I even save model set ups with all-black and all-white copies of the model (particularly in 2 Ultimate this can be useful for setting up Set Matte layers for compositing. 

    To expand on saving projects instead of Comp Shots--right now I have Star Wars and Doctor Who fanfilms in progress I have a project saved that has my base TIE fighter, Interceptor, Bomber, and X-Wing/Y-wings all in their Composite Shots, but also set at the correct scales to each other. A time saver for battles. 

    I have Star Trek models saved as projects... I use a customer generated particle texture for photon torpedoes which is in it's own Composite Shot in the template folders for ships that fire photons. The particle sim for the photons is built and parented to the ship, ready to go as soon as I import it. 

    I even have a saved Composite Shot just to import fresh models--this is set up with three point lights and has a couple of environment map images set up (a starfield, a sky, a field amd a city) so when I am setting up a new model I don't have to waste time setting up lights again, and I can just select one of the four environment maps to check reflections while setting up materials. I also have a ground plane set up as a shadow catcher. 

    Presets and templates are timesaving! 

  • That is really a good idea!  I wish I had thought of that earlier.  I will start on that as a new project immediately.  Thanks everyone!

  • Excellent!

  • Using HitFilm 2017,

    I got video clip, composite shot and I am trying  to track an object , i see the tracking  point and  i adjust the red and green box, position it , when i click on track forward or backward is not doing anything  ,appreciate your help

  • I am working with HF 2017  then when I save the project it keep saving it with HF2 ultimate  ( always  opens with  HF2 Ultimate  )  not sure why  not saving it withy HF 2017, Thanks

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    HitFilm 2017 is definitely saving HitFilm 2017 projects.  What you're talking about sounds like a file association issue.  Your OS assumes that any HitFilm project -- anything ending in .hfp -- should be opened in HF2 Ultimate.  You can change that association easily enough.

    Not knowing which OS you're using, my description is going to be a bit generic, but right-click on any HitFilm project in your system's file browser, and you should see an entry in the popup menu named something like "Open with...".  This will open a dialog showing all of your installed software.  Pick HitFilm 2017.  If there's a checkbox that says something like "Always use this application for this file type," check it, then click OK or whatever you need to confirm your changes.  From that point on, double-clicking any HitFilm project should open it in HitFilm 2017.

    (BTW, your question is a bit of a thread hijack because it's not talking about 3D models. Best to start a new thread with a new subject.)

  • Ok, as I am working g with HF2017 then when i save the project  is saving it with HF2 U,  then when i right Click  then(  Open with ) I get options  to open with HF 2017 or HF2U. so i chose HF2017  but the project is not opens  it give me this Message ( the following files could not found at their previously  saved locations. )

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