Shooting on my Galaxy 7, Frame Rate

Is there anyway to force my phone to shoot at a certain frame rate? I've checked every where online but can't find an answer. Or does anyone have suggestions on best practice for shooting and editing footage (hitfilm 4) from my phone. Thank you, am loving this video thing :-) Too bad work gets in the way lol.


  • HitFilm Express 2017 has support for variable frame rate footage.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Ok, so... Chances are there is no way to force a phone to a constant framerate. There are some limitations to the storage speeds that can't be worked around. 

    You have the option of upgrading to Hitfilm Express 2017, which natively handles VFR footage. 

    Otherwise, you'll have to transcode your footage. This video covers several transcode methods.

  • On phone I think it very much depends on the camera app you have, some offer the ability to set the frame rate. If not then you are looking at hard coding that frame rate using a video decoder outside of Hitfilm, Handbrake or such.

  • Thanks for the input guys! :-)


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