[ANSWERED] How to speed up a clip

I know this is quite a simple task, but there doesn't seem to be anything to speed up a clip in Hitfilm. Could someone please show me how? Thanks!


  • Use the "Speed" effect you can find in the effects panel. Drop it onto the clip you want to speed up, and change the speed value from 1 to for example 2 if you want to double the speed. Vice versa, drop it to 0.5 to slow it down by half.
    On a side note, you might as well try changing the frame rate of the video in the media panel. If you shot at 24fps, raising it to 48fps will effectively double it's speed. I think this might render faster than the speed effect, but also could give you not quite what you want if you are using other framerates than multiplies of the target framerate of the final video, depending on how the different framerates interact.
  • Thanks, this really helped me! :D
  • But how do you change the "value"?

  • You adjust the speed value of the speed effect.

    In this screen shot the speed value is set .50 = 50% = half speed. Values above 1.0 speed up playback. 2.0 is twice speed. If you want to change the playback speed over time then you keyframe the speed value.

  • If you want to speed up audio + video, click on your clip on your timeline with right button and choose Speed/Duration, then change the percentage and click ok.

    Speed Duration

  • Where is the speed effect?

  •  aha ya just found it but how tf u u get it to speed up without lag

    reply asap

  • Great question @EhItsDaveProductions! I hadn't realized I could effect speed here in HitFilm. I usually do it over in Resolve.

  • Hello!

    If i change the speed to, for example, 3.0 from the Speed/Duration menu thing, the video gets laggy. I have not yet tried the other speed thing, but i could do it to test if it works better.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @SjadowhunterFI by changing speed to 3, you've changed the speed to 3 frames/sec. If by "laggy" you mean "choppy," well... Assuming your original video was 30 fps you've made it 10 times slower. Hitfilm is merely remapping frames, not doing optical flow or other transformations. You cannot expect super smooth slow motion from Hitfilm without shooting high frame rate to begin with, and you can never expect super smooth slow motion at 3 fps. 

    To interpolate normal footage into super slow motion, the best tool is Twixtor. That's a $300 program. Bear in mind Twixtor lists Hitfilm as a host. That's HITFILM PRO ONLY. Express can NOT use third-party plug-ins. 

  • Thanks for the tips!

  • Is there also a way to make speed increase smoothly? I mean make it speed up and then slow down again? Or go from normal playing to gradually slower until slow motion then speed up again?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @AKBouwens Yes, there is. The "Speed" Effect.

    Now, the Speed Effect is a pain in the butt. Try and follow along here. When you drop a clip on a Layer the In and Out points of the clip define a frame range for the clip. The Speed Effect, being an effect modifies the frames AFTER being defined. What this means is that changing the In point of a clip (trimming after applying the speed effect) will absolutely mess up your keyframes.

    There are four ways (and three methods) of changing a clip's speed in Hitfilm. The first is by right-clicking on a media clip in the media bin, selecting "Properties," unchecking "from file" on the frames per second field, the setting a new frame rate. If the original frame rate was 30, setting 60 doubles the speed of the clip, setting 15 halves the speed of the clip. Second is by right-clicking a clip on the timeline and selecting "Speed/Duration." This is similar to defining the speed of a clip in the media bin. The third is using the Rate Stretch Tool and the fourth is the Speed Effect.

    The Speed Effect is the only one of the four that can be keyframed, thus the only one that can be used to do speed ramping.

    But, as mentioned above, the Speed Effect is a real pain.

    To do a speed ramp, this is the procedure I would recommend. For this example, I'm assuming you're moving from normal speed to half speed and back up again. I'm also assuming you're doing most of this on the Editor Timeline.

    1. Duplicate the clip you want to change speed for in the media bin.
    2. Rename the duplicate ">clip< slowmo."
    3. Right click the slo-mo clip, select "Properties," uncheck "From File" in the FPS field and change FPS to half it's normal speed.
    4. Place your normal speed footage on the timeline. Split this clip on the frame where you want the speed ramp to occur.
    5. Right-click the latter section of the normal speed footage and convert this to a composite shot.
    6. Rename this composite shot "Ramp Slow."
    7. In the Composite Shot, add the speed effect to the clip. On the first frame, speed value should be 1.0. move forward the amount of frames you want the ramp to take and set a keyframe to 0.5.
    8. Reset the duration of the Composite Shot to the duration of the ramp.
    9. Return to the Editor Timeline.
    10. Find the In point for your slow motion footage that matches what would be the next frame of your scene. Use the slow motion clip for as long as you need slow motion footage.
    11. To ramp back up to normal speed, trim the slo-mo clip on the frame you want to start ramping back up.
    12. Repeat steps 5-9 with this new Comp Shot, except rename the Comp "Ramp Fast" and the speed values are going from 1.0 to 2.0.
    13. Find the next in point for your normal speed clip and continue editing.

    Trust me, this is the easiest way to deal with speed ramping in Hitfilm. If you try to do it all in one clip with the Speed Effect it's really a pain. Any edits at one end tend to mess up what you want the keys to do at the other end. In fact, when using the Speed Effect it's always best to make the affected clip into an embedded Composite Shot. That way, if you need to trim the end points of the clip, you trim the Comp Shot while leaving the Speed effect baked in.

  • thanks for the lengthy and thorough reply, I am going to try this!

  • how to speed up without the music going to speed? too

  • why is hitfilm just making a empty screen when i put the speed to 20(max) and just showing the select thing, not the actual video?

  • @NERFFILMS ;Because the Speed effect also changes the viewable length of the clip.  Higher speeds make it play faster and end sooner, so the part you're seeing that's blank is most likely past the end of the clip at its new speed and length.  Scrub earlier in time and you should see your video.

  • You can also make composite shot where you change the speed of the video only. Then you use the composite shot you just created in your timeline. the audio should be unaffected. 


    Speeding up causes a lag in the timeline but after you finalize the video it should play at high speed without the lag. Like someone mentioned, when you speed up you increase the fps and your video card may not be able to handle it in the program but it will play normal.

  • @fydza right click track and hit unlink to standalone the audio

  • Triem23

    why not just leave the composite shot as-is for the rest of the clip? seems like you can modulate it from there.


    also, how do you keep track of frames to ensure the slow part drops in at the exact correct moment?

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