[ANSWERED] DAvinci Resolve 14 VFX position issue

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Hay all,

I downloaded your soft, and it looks really great, but how can I change position of VFX - Lens Flare for example- as there is no any controls for this. There is position box in the effect inspector, but I'm forced to put exact value for x and y axis which is very unfriendly?

Thanks Greg


  • For many effects that have position values in the Controls panel, HitFilm will add a small crosshair in the viewer, which you can interactively drag with the mouse.  Some tools have multiple crosshairs.  Make sure that your effect is selected, and you should see them.

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    The thing is that I can't see any crosshair :(

  • What is the exact name of the effect you're applying? Guessing that it's the Light Flares effect, you should see something like the image below, with two crosshairs: one for the hotspot position, and one for the pivot position.  As I said above, though, these crosshairs only appear when the effect is selected, either in the comp timeline, or in the Controls tab.  If you're not seeing those crosshairs, then something is definitely amiss.

  •  @Griszkan DaVinci Resolve hasn't got any crosshair control like in HitFilm. Unfortunately editing the value manually is the only way for now.

  • Ah.  I'm not familiar with DaVinci Resolve, and assumed it was about HitFilm Express because this is the Express Support forum.

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