windows ten version not loading anymore

its impossible to turn off windows 10 updates with all those bullshit security patches they seem to need to patch everyother day, problem is i have not got hgitfilm to actually work on my hp i5 laptop in a few months, i tried the whole process of uninstall deleting all old files blah blah blah, is this issue ever getting fixed or everyother day wjhen windows decides to patch some shit do i then lose my hitfilm access?


  • I'm not sure you can blame the windows 10 patches for your problem. Apart from the creators update which is known to break a few pieces of software I have kept my windows 10 fully updated without any problems with hitfilm at all. You need to keep your video drivers up to date as well. Are you sure you didn't install some other software on your PC a few months ago that caused the issue instead? If you have installed the creators update that might be the issue though so rolling that back would be an option if you did it. Also what version of hitfilm are you using? In case it's an older version that might be more impacted by windows updates. I have 4 pro and 2017 pro and both have been fine. I'm using a few years old ASUS ROG laptop.

  • I just did the much dreaded Windows 10 Creators update.  As usual they botched the video drivers, but a quick trip to the Nvidia page solved that issue. 

  • These major updates to Windows 10 really kinda create a new Windows installation and keep your old one in a Windows .old folder. The thing here is that any system setting that they (Microsoft) consider they own gets reset to factory defaults. Everything else is copied from the old Windows install to the new update. Apparently they consider that they own the video driver so they replace our installed driver.

    I say that given experience at the Anniversary update where some OS registry settings I had were reset/gone in the Anniversary update. And also the video driver of course.

    As I type this I get a notification from MS that creators update is coming in so I am going to be going through the process. Downloading Nvidia right now in preparation.


  • Chiming in here.

    I have no issues with the Windows updates and HitFilm, no errors, nothing that's noticeable.

    I think OP is below minimum specs?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    It's possible, @CNK

    trueartist, what are you system specs? CPU, GPU, OS (yeah, ok, Windows 10), RAM and storage?

  • @CNK Below minimum spec is a definite possibility but he did say it was working before. Unless he upgraded hitfilm and didn't mention it of course

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @DreamArchitect There ARE people who have run Hitfilm on under spec machines for months and actually muddled through. Then they've tried more advanced things and hit the wall on their system. It's a valid question. :-)

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    @Triem23 I didn't say it wasn't a valid question, I did say it's a possibility I more mean  in my experience in IT over more years than I care to mention a situation like this often comes from a change being made to the machine. Often one that the user wouldn't even associate with the issue and it can take quite some time before it gets mentioned in passing and the epiphany happens .

    trueartisttvgmailcom came back to the thread with a little more info

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