How would I make the Torchwood titles?

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I've been rewatching  Torchwood lately, and thought I would try making the season 1 and 2 intro. Any tutorials for Express?  

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  • Torchwood seems like so long ago, I can't even remember what was special about the titles.

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    here are the titles, for reference

    Edit: Fulcrum posted a link to a better version below 

    Basically it's a single word with the scale key-framed, and a whole load of other stuff added on top.

    For making all the other stuff, HitFilm's various grunge effects will probably come in handy

  • JMcAllister

    Also here's the link, because that video doesn't work.

    Torchwood Titles

  •  @Fulcrum2016 my bad. The video you posted is better quality anyway though. (for some reason I didn't think to look on the Dr Who youtube channel - *facepalm*)

    Anyway, I found the font used for the title. Thought you might appreciate it




  • But in the title there are loads of squiggly lines and stuff- how do I do that?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Oh, most of their vertical lines were probably done with the "scratches" parameter of a film damage effect. If you don't have the relevant add-ons, you can make vertical lines with masked planes, Lightswords or lightning. Maybe add a bit of heat Distortion to bend em a little. Same with the horizontal lines. The circle pattern shown at one point could be masked planes or radio waves. They use a photo of the Torchwood sign on a tile wall graded red, and some of the overlays look like scans of pen scribbling on paper inverted, then hue shifted to red. It's all fairly basic stuff, really. Just a lot of quick keyframes. 

  • Thanks for the breakdown @Triem23. Really helped me understand the effects, so I now know!

  •  radio waves?

    Also yeah, I recognise that wall which was graded. Should have a pic.

    how does one 'invert' scans of pen scribbles?

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    Also, when the word Torchwood flashes across the screen in various fonts, I noticed one of the times it appears it flies out (towards the screen) one letter at a time. How would I do that in Hitfilm?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Search the effects panel for "radio waves, " and "invert." :) 

    Scribble on paper, take a pic with your smartphone. ;) 

    To move one letter/word at a time you have two possibilities:

    • Either put each letter on its own layer. 
    • Boris. 



  • Putting each letter on its own layer. Can't get Boris.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Do embedded comp shots. Then you only create one "O," for example, and use three copies of the same comp shot. It's a little cleaner in the media bin. 

  • Also, Triem, about the lines, I used a masked plane and turned up with nice results!

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