Noise Reduction?

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Is There noise reduction in HitFilm?


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    @LeoMessi13   Me, again.  There is in Pro but in Express 4 you are limited to just deinterlacing and a clone stamp tool unless you get the repair add on pack which is $50.  It has a denoise effect and grain removal effect.

  • @LeoMessi13 - Do you mean audio or video noise reduction? And which Hitfilm? Pro 2017 or Express?

  • Video... Express... Thank You!

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    Repair Pack Add-on has grain reduction. Hitfilm's most powerful video NR is pro only. 

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    @Triem23 The Repair Pack has Denoise (the powerful video NR) and Grain Removal for video and Noise Reduction for audio.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Aladdin4d I stand corrected. Thanks. 

  • "Hitfilm express 2017 user guide" says there is noise reduction but where??

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    That looks like a mistake in the manual. @Ady will be on it.

    It requires the Repair Pack:

    Repair pack

    Didn’t quite capture the perfect footage? Post to the rescue! This pack helps you clear up imperfections and create a high-quality end product. Learn more…

    Bilateral blur
    Smoothes image surfaces, while retaining fine edge detail.
    Cut out digital noise (and leave in the funk) for A+ visual quality.
    Grain removal
    Get rid of those itty bitty grains and keep videos silky smooth.
    Lens distort
    Simulate lens distortion or reduce unwanted effects from fisheye lenses.
    Noise reduction
    Quickly eliminate incessant hums from your videos.
    Pro skin retouch
    Give skin blemishes less screen-time with digital makeup for actors and presenters.
    Rolling shutter
    Counteract ‘jello’ effects caused by cameras with rolling shutters.


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