How would one add CC or subtitles

is there an way to do this thing to add subtitles to my video in hitfilm 4 express


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    Depends on what you mean. Of you want subtitles that are toggled off and on on a DVD or Blu ray you'll need to do subtitles in your disc encoding software. If you want subtitles toggled on a YouTube page, you'll need to do that on YouTube. 

    If you just want text burned into your image then you're making a Composite Shot for every line and building a lot of text layers. 

  • I request you to add another feature in Hitfilm 5 or in an update as adding subtitles is a really painful task and requires lots of patience

  • Dear me,


    I wished HITFILM 2017 will have a way. Running into the compositor every now n then for everything isn't easy.

    Especially text which is just so basic. 

    Have to create separate composite shots for so many text lines.  It really is a job of patience. I so hoped they had text templates inbuilt this time. Just changing the text would be so much easier. But if we copy and paste change the original composite shot changes. Have to duplicate each text layer. Also in tremedous hurry as creating subtitlea for an hour of work, not renaming each text while duplicating can just nearly kill you.


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  • If you're doing a lot of subtitling or captions that frequently use the same fonts and font sizes, try this:

    • Create a new project
    • Create a new composite shot
    • Create a text layer, using the font and size that you want, but simply containing some dummy text.  Position it, scale it, etc.
    • Save that comp (right-click on it in the Media tab, choose "Save As...") and name it so you know it's a template
    • For new projects, import that comp for your first line/block of text.  Open it, edit the text, then close it and drop it into your edit timeline.
    • For additional lines, duplicate the comp in the Media tab.  Rename it, open it, change your text, then drop it onto the timeline.
    • Lather, rinse, and repeat.

    The setup of the initial template will take the longest time.  Once you've got your template comp made/imported, duplicating it, changing its name, and editing its contents take just a few seconds.

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    THANK YOU @jsbarrett ;

     Edit: This works super well. It has saved me so much time!


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