Twitch Effects in Hitfilm

Hi, I found Hitfilm particularly useful and im trying to migrate all my work to hitfilm. 

I however want to know if there is an equally easy way to make twitch like effects in Hitfilm because it has been quite useful in my edits



  • Can you be more specific?

  • Yes, for instance the police light effect that randomly changes the light of the scene.

  • Well if you add a police light effect onto the scene then if you want to change the lighting of the scene you have to use a colorization effect. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Long story short, anything you can do with Twitch (which is very similar to a Vegas Pro plug-in from 2010) can be done in Hitfilm. That said, you'll be manually keyframing everything. All Twitch does is generate keyframes for an exisiting effect to save the time of manual adjustment.

  • Thanks for the comment... The point here is i would rather avoid the manual key framing  and have something generate automatic key frames that i can then play with the parameter.

    I want HITFILM to be my one stop shop. Can somebody start working on that :) please.

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