Panasonic GH5 150 mbs 4.2.2 AVC

It makes me mad that apparently hitfilm Pro 2017 is not able to work with 4k 10bit footage that I took with the GH5. Has anybody else seen this problem? Hoping for an update.


  • Try changing the recording mode to H.264, because I think the problem is because you're probably shooting in H.265.

    I think a lot of software has issues with H.265, but I could be wrong.


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    Most all editing software has problems with 10-bit and/or 4:2:2 AVC footage in MP4 right now. Hitfilm is no different. Some have updated and/or said they will update to support such footage. Whether or not  Hitfilm adds this support only time will tell.

    It's realistically a cost thing. The decoder that supports that costs more.

    If you have Vegas 14 there is a very ugly hack, that I would not trust very far, that might get you going in this regard in Hitfilm 2017.

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    Thank you very much for being the only option to work with this quality. It's Vegas 14. ok for now working with VEGAS 14 until hitfilm will update this codec, thanks a lot

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    Note that Hitfilm works properly with 10 bit and 12 bit Cineform, and if you're willing to take the time to hack around in Vegas, then you're willing to take the time to batch transcode the footage. Just a thought. Go Pro Studio is free after all.

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    Yep if you have Vegas already grab GoPro studio to get the Cineform codec for it and batch transcode your clips. You'll be very glad you did because even Vegas will perform better and HitFilm's Cineform support is excellent.

  • And when you do it in GoPro Studio, do Stage 1, then close the program. Do not then go into Stage 2 and export again as .AVI files. You already did all you need to do, but do set up the export path before you start dragging file across to be transcoded.

  • @Ardita "It's Vegas 14. ok for now working with VEGAS 14 until hitfilm will update this codec, thanks a lot"

    Note that Vegas 14 does not properly support 10-bit 422 AVC video in MP4 right now either. As I said, most editing apps do not support the GH5 right now.

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    This is a TIMELY topic. I just started to work with GH5 10-bit 422 footage, and discovered that HitFilm Pro 2017 and Premiere Pro CC (latest) do not yet support it. ODDLY, I am able to work with it without a problem in Premiere CS6. Don't ask me why, but it works great. It makes a WORLD of difference to be able use log footage. I can even use plugins. So far I have tried Magic Bullet Looks (previous version) with log grading, and it works great with CS6. I have the latest version of MBL also, but it requires Premiere Pro CC, which does not work with the footage. So I have to use previous versions of everything. Now I want to do compositing in HitFilm Pro 2017 using the GH5, and I just tried, and it did not work. So it looks like I will use the GH4 cameras for certain stuff until HitFilm or Adobe upgrades. I know the decoder may cost more. But think about this. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE PURCHASING GH5 CAMERAS PRECISELY TO USE 10-BIT 422 FOOTAGE. That is the major reason to spend $3000 for that camera and lens, and it is the only way an Indi person on a budget can do color grading that is competitive with RED camera footage. It you don't shoot like that, then you might as well shoot with the GH4 forever. I am really surprised that Adobe has not yet fixed Premiere Pro. But it will happen eventually (I hope and trust). If HitFilm does it first, now THAT would be a game changer in the Indi film industry. No one would expect it. But EVERYONE with a GH5 would use HitFilm in order to use their GH5 cameras. It would be a marketing plus for HitFilm, something to take advantage of while Adobe fiddles.

  • What about this HitFilm? I'm just about to but a GH5. What will be my options?

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    @aknittel There isn't much support in anything for the GH5's 4:2:2 10 bit video right now. If you're on Windows VirtualDub FilterMod can handle it and if you install GoPro Studio as well you'll be able to transcode to Cineform which HitFilm natively supports. GoPro Studio by itself is not working with the test clips I have. FootageStudio 4k handles it as well and can also transcode to Cineform. It seems Adobe Media Encoder can transcode it too but it's very crash prone while doing so. 

    Doing something with FFMpeg might be an option too but you have to have a 10 bit build of FFMpeg.

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    GoPro studio does not support 10-bit or 4:2:2 AVC video. At least from what little I have tried. I have doubts about them ever changing that until one of their cameras outputs 4:2:2 or 10-bit or both.

  • SO we're concluding for now, buy a separate transcoder (not going to pay per month for Adobe media encoder), and that the top candidate with the least amount of issues from GH5 4:2:2 10 bit  to Cineform is FootageStudio 4k?


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    @aknittel FootageStudio 4k works with the sample GH5 clips I have. The trial will let you transcode clips up to 1 minute in length so you can see if you're happy with the results before laying out money.

    VirtualDub FilterMod is free but in order to get a version of the Cineform codec it can use you also need to install GoPro Quik desktop/Studio. Luckily that's free as well. Using VirtualDub FilterMod to convert to 422 10 bit Cineform is covered in this thread:

    How to Use VirtualDub FilterMod to fix VFR issues and convert to Cineform

  • With ffmpeg (free) you can transcode to Prores 422 which is 10-bit, DNxHD 8/10-bit 422 or DNxHR HQX 422 or DNxHR 444.

    You need recent ffmpeg builds for DNxHR HQX/444 support. HQX supports 12-bit but in ffmpeg it is choked down to 10-bit since ffmpeg does not support an internal 12-bit 422 pixel format data path.

    The big thing here is you have to go through Quicktime to read those into Hitfilm. Quicktime supposedly has real issue with greater than 8-bit. To quote a Cineform developer, "Quicktime truly sucks".

    The best transcode chance for 10-bit import is Cineform AVI. Hitfilm 2017 does this native and I presume properly supports 10/12-bit import/export when in 16-bit mode.

    This again gets tricky since anything that goes through Video for Windows "proper" is very likely getting choked to 8-bit via the VfW data path. VfW was depreciated and became stagnant in like 1995. Long before 10-bit and other newer video stuff came around.

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    @NormanPCN VirtualDub FilterMod was started solely to handle high bit depth sources and conversions. The included import filters handle high bit depth sources and as long as the sending application and the receiving encoder agree on the pixel format, VfW will happily allow the data to go through untouched. 

    HitFilm's Cineform support is via the Cineform SDK so it bypasses VfW completely

  • Hi everyone,  adobe premier has just sent a few days upgrades including the 4.2.2 panasonic GH5 support.

    I am very sorry that yesterday's hitfilms did not even consider the Panasonic gh5 codec. Do you know anything if you have in mind to insert this codec?

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    @garditgagmailcom the GH5 records h.265 which is a codec with fairly hefty license fees. While I can't say for certain it is unlikely this codec will be added anytime soon, and, if it were, it would likely be at the cost of an increase in the price of Hitfilm Pro and the Premium Codecs add-on for Express. 

  • The GH5 mostly records in AVC/H.264. Only one mode has an HEVC/H.265 option. I believe it is the 6k mode.

    I don't think anyone will ever want to directly edit HEVC media unless you have a very powerful machine. HEVC is really always higher overhead than high overhead AVC.

  • And I dont care, what that costs... we all paid for Hitfilm, because we are all convinced, it is the better Program than AE... sometimes I think, we hyped Hitfilm too much, if there is no Plan to implement everything, you need for the new Gamechanger GH5 on the Market...
    And NO, I dont WANT to work around, and SURELY I dont want to render first native Material.
    Magix Pro X is also a low-cost-Program (but an Editor, not an Compositor), there the Files work good...
    Sorry, but at the Moment I'm a little bit angry...

  • Any plans to support the 150mps and 10Bit modes of the GH5 files? On Mac I use EditReady to convert to ProResHQ and the import into HF. 

  •  Just an update on the new version of HitFilm Pro release a few days ago in November 2017. Background: I purchased the bundle, HitFilm Pro, Ignite, and the new Action Pro software. Basically, I always purchase all HitFilm software, including PhotoKey. I use GH5 and GH4 cameras for all my work, and I am a successful filmmaker who has published, sold, and distributed numerous movies. I also teach videography at my university, and I have all my students use HitFilm Express. I like HitFilm, and I want to support the software and the company. Done with background. I just tried importing GH5 footage recorded as 10 bit with 4.2.2 color, Vlog, into HitFilm's latest version, and it still does not work. It goes in the timeline, but I cannot see it in the viewer panel, so editing is impossible. My only solution is to use Premiere Pro CC (latest version) with Ignite plugins. That works fine. I use Vlog for all of my footage using both the GH4 and GH5 cameras so that the footage matches with respect to color, and I always shoot with 4.2.2 color with the GH5. So using the HitFilm editor is currently not possible with the GH5. I do not know the solution to this, since HitFilm may have to incorporate an H.265 codec into their software, and that may cost money. But HitFilm is so cheap now, it would not hurt to raise the price a bit to cover this. I am not a fan of converting native footage into other format footage, like ProRes just to work in HitFilm. You never know what the conversion with third party software is doing to the quality of the original. It is best simply not to go there. Bottom line for GH5 users: Ignite is the way to go currently using HitFilm software. It works well with GH5 footage in Premiere Pro CC. 

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    To edit 10-bit and/or 4:2:2 AVC footage in Hitfilm you need to transcode to something like Cineform or Prores. A side benefit is the massive performance boost in timeline function.

    AVC footage in Hitfilm in general can be problematic from a performance perspective. Depending on the performance of your CPU. AVC often has a high decode overhead. This is especially true for UHD for those so inclined to shoot that.

    HEVC/H.265 is even higher overhead than AVC. The 6k mode uses HEVC. I'm not sure what other modes might have that option. Most are AVC.

    The bottom line is that even if Hitfilm opened them, you may not want to edit in the formats from a performance viewpoint.

    I can get Hitfilm to load a 10-bit 422 file. It is a hack and I'll leave it at that. Hitfilms timeline performance on a 4Kp24 file on a 4Ghz CPU is adequate I suppose. A bit of a generous statement. Hitfilm's performance on the same thing in Cineform High is a dream.

  • Can someone from Hitfilm comment on their plans to support 422 10 bit Straight out of cam from the GH5? 

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