9gb video - make video file smaller

I have a video and I saved it as an mp4 but it has over 9 gb (using the default settings)

and i tried saving it as avi as well but that went well over 50 or 100 gb..i think even more.

How can I make the video size smaller without a loss in quality. it is not even a super hd video or anything. it is rather a grainy old recording.

I would really appreciate your help and feedback

I searched online but i have not really stumbled upon anything and the online video converters do not really work.


thank you!


  • incidently you didn't tell us: how long is your film (if it is several hours long the file will obviously be big), and what are the input medias specs..
    Anyway You probably have the answer: as you said, you're "using the default settings" so......
    In the "export MP4 windows" there are many parameters that you can choose.
    File size depend mainly (not only) on Dimensions and Bitrate

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    How can I make the video size smaller without a loss in quality.

    You don't. The bitrate of your export directly effects quality and size. Lower filesize is lower quality. Period. 

    Use mp4 export and lower the bitrate to reduce file size. The lower the bitrate, the lower the quality. It's up to you to determine what is acceptable. 

    This video covers all you need to know about export. 


  • If you need to load your video on YT or use some media streamer you can try (if it's not already) do re-encode using h265 instead of h264 codec.

    Is supposed to maintain the quality and reduce the size, or same size for more quality (was created for 4k videos).

    Even if in my unique test with a short h264 video I didn't see any difference, maybe try first with a smaller part of the whole video.

  • If it's a grainy old video then it may be that it doesn't compress well if each frame has the noise in a different place.  Perhaps try  removing the noise?  Smooth and resharpen can do it slightly, or the repair add on pack has a proper Denoiser. 

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