My latest kids' sci-fi movie

I put our latest short movie together using mostly Hitfilm with a Canon 700D. Our little team is still learning the ropes re acting and I'm still learning how to keep the camera focused. I tried to give it a Western theme, although obviously not a patch on FilmRiot's latest collaboration (but I did get there first with the windmill opening scene first, Ha Ha!)



  • Wait a minute.......was that the same car at the end?

    Great job girls! Good mix of levity and seriousness.

    Good job with the effects too, @George147 !

  • Love it!

  • Did you create that intro text 100% in Hitfilm?  Looks awesome :)

  • i really enjoyed that, and its something i need to do, i just do  the small effect clips and not a story, appart from my iron kid, which had a kind of story line, a little comedy in there also (with the glass`s) keeps you keen to watch more....

    the only criticism i have and i hope you dont mind, as a learning thing, i would have made the beam wider to match the size of the hologram


  • Well @George147 that was brilliant. Some really nice opening shots and good use of the camera angles through out. The girls acting was pretty solid throughout and I am sure they will get better.

    Your VFX was well placed and nicely done. The hologram was spot on and I liked the mix of praticle and vfx for the power potion.

    You just earnt a Sub and Like for that video. Well done team.

  • Thanks for the kind comments. I used a pre-made animated background for the intro and just added the text to it. The car was a second car belonging to Glitter Girl. Part 1 of the movie explains it. I must confess I used mostly AE for GG 2:Part 1 because I needed to create a 3D robot inside AE using the free Cinema 4D plugin but otherwise I much prefer Hitfilm. It is much faster on my PC to composite, preview and render out final sequences.

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