Graphics Card Settings For Hitfilm 4 express

im want to change my graphics card settings to work best with hitfilm 4 express and i want someone to suggest the best graphics card settings to me my cpu is a AMD A6 APU with a Readeon r4 graphics 


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'm going to tag, oh, @CedricBonnier here. You have an AMD Apu, and I do not think those are supported by Hitfilm? Trying to get Staff confirmation. 

  • Hitfilm runs fine on my computer with a amd apu 

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    @CedricBonnier Can you confirm that amd apu,s work with hitfilm

    My cpu: amd a6-7310 apu with amd radeon r4 graphics


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Sometimes the software works acceptably with officially unsupported or under spec systems. Point being if you have something officially unsupported no one can offer "Settings."  

    Benchmark comparisons show the r4 is slower than the Intel Hd 4000 listed as minimum spec. If you're hoping for miracle settings to speed things up, its very doubtful. 

    Anyways we'll see what Staff says. :) Hopefully I am wrong. 

  • the settings for my graphics card allow me to overclock it

  • You can't overclock your graphics card. If you want better performance you have to buy a new PC, because laptops can't be upgraded like desktop PC's.


  • @CNK are you saying he can't overclock 'a' graphics card - because you can and I do - or his particular one?

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    @njosey4740 we haven't tested your CPU here but from what I could quickly gather online, it seems on par with an Intel HD 4000, so I would say that it should work. However, as Triem said, the Intel HD 4000 is the minimum supported card so the performance will not be optimal. If your machine is a desktop, I would seriously consider upgrading to a dedicated GPU.

    As we haven't got this CPU here in the office, I won't be able to provide you with any tips or settings to change however I usually leave everything to the defaults unless I've got a good reason to. The default config is much more likely to have been tested by software developers (I'm talking in general, not just for HitFilm) than a custom one which could cause unexpected bugs.

    If you do find crashes in HitFilm though, feel free to report them to us via support. We may not be able to fix it but we can at least have a look.

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    @Palacono OP can't overclock that integrated GPU,. It's got 1 memory channel, and it's max supported RAM speed is 1866 MHz, it's also inside a laptop. 


  • umm yes i can overclock my graphics card through the amd software

  • It's an APU though, which is bare minimum to run HitFilm. If you can overclock it and it remains stable, why not?

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