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Hi all,

im sure someone has asked this before but a search of the forums didn't bring anything up.

Basically my Nikon D7000 has bit the dust, so after extensively looking at cameras I'm looking at buying a GH5. The only issue I have noticed when going into the shop to take a look is that u can only film 23.976 fps in NTSC (60hz). I live in the UK where we use PAL (50hz). So this has me a little worried. On Nikon and Canon (from what I've read) cameras allow u to use 24fps (23.976) in either PAL or NTSC. I'm not sure how that works for pal as it shouldn't but it does.

I'm under the impression that if I start filming in NTSC then want to say film in slow mo I'd need to stay NTSC for that aswell otherwise this can cause issues in your NLE (correct me if I'm wrong). This just has me corncerned due to light flicker, say if I want to use practical lighting but if I shoot at 60fps then I'd set my shutter speed normally to 1/120 but that would give me issues with practical lighting.

Can anyone tell me if they are shooting NTSC in a PAL country and have they managed to overcome any issues like this? or does anyone have an answer to calm my fears? It would be a disaster for me to buy a GH5 and then have these issues.


  • I may have this wrong but it really should not matter, it's all about the scan line ratio and the number of times the image refreshes. You should be able to take in the media into Hitfilm and export it as PAL. Note 23 frames per sec isn't that fast to using this in low light and fast moving objects is not going to result in crisp images (frames) but maybe that;s the look you want.

  • TBH I was under the impression in the days of HD it didn't matter but couldn't find a definite answer on google search.

    In terms of the look, I always shoot at 24fps to try and achieve the film look. Not the only thing u need to do but I've heard it helps.

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    With the GH5 the available frame rates change depending on what the System Frequency is set to. If it's set to 50.00 Hz PAL you get 25 and 50 fps. NTSC 59.94 Hz gives you 23.976, 29.97 and 59.94 fps. To get true a 24 fps you need to set the frequency to 24.00 Hz.

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    Yeah I was gonna mention the 24hz but my message was quite long already plus not sure how that all works and whether you can use variable frame rates or whether I'd need to switch modes for that. I guess I'll just have to test it.

    Thanks for the replies

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    For slow mo your best option is to switch camera modes as needed, load the footage into Hitfilm, right-click in the media bin and select properties, then change frame rate to 24. Your maximum slow mo is 40% at "60" fps. 

  • Thanks @Triem23. I knew you'd reply sooner or later :-)

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    @Marshall2000_uk I wanted to add something about avoiding flicker. There are "safe" shutter speeds and shutter angles you can use when you have a mismatch between the mains frequency and your frame rate. Red has a decent tutorial with a calculator where you can punch in the values for the conditions you're working under and it'll give you the "safe" options.


  • That's brilliant, thanks very much @Aladdin4d

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