Export contents and export in out area HF Pro 2017 (Resolved)

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When clicking  the little films icon at the bottom left of the timeline window, it use to take me to the export window. Since  2 days I have to click the export tab myself. Does anybody knows what option I might  have turned off by mistake. 

Thank you for your help. 


  • you can reset the workspace. 

    open project, upper left side the 9 rectagle (near the name of project) and reset workspace. maybee it solve your mistake.

  • Under Preferences -> Prompts & Warnings, checkmark "Prompt when adding timelines to the Export Queue".

  • Checking  "Prompt when adding timelines to the Export Queue"  worked. when clicking the little movie icon, it brings the  warning dialog where you can select "Remember my choice and do not show again".

    I did not have the chance to try to reset my workspace but thank you very much to both of you for the quick replies and solutions.

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