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i am a new user. Is it possible to create a animated route on a map with hitfilm ultimate (a growing path)? I can´t find a solution.
many thanks for help


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    Yes it is absolutely possible to do that.  You could create the line either by drawing it in an image editor like Photoshop, then importing it, or by starting with a plane inside of HitFilm, then using masks to create the line shape.
    Once you have the complete line in place, you can animate a mask to reveal it over time.  
    Here is a video about Masks:
    And here is a video about Key-Framing:
  • many thanks Axel,
    the mask consists of a free-hand curve with a large number of control points. It can not simply be moved to release the imported line. The only way I've found is to push together all the control points of the curve at the end.
    Is there no easier way?
  • Just I have find it. The mask must be bigger.
  • Don't try to use the same mask to create the shape of the line, and to reveal it.  Use one mask to create the shape, then use another, simpler mask to gradually reveal the path.
  • hi.. same or similar question... I am a total novice at video editing or compositing of any sort... I am just a motorbiker who wants to make little movies for myself.... and most bikers like to display the route.

    I want to connect multiple points ( i.e. towns ) on an image  (map) .. and gradually reveal them.   A simple straight line revealed by masks won´t do that.. and I have spend a lot of time trying to get it done with keyframes to move the map around a positioned dot-unsuccessful. no way of doing that?

  • Why do the lines have to be straight?

    If you draw the route as an overlay following the road you can manipulate a mask around the route as smoothly as you need it to be: curved, wiggly, etc.

    Say the route is an 'S' shape. Draw a rough 'S' shaped mask around it, then you reveal it by moving one end towards the other using keyframes. following the shape of the 'S', or a selection of 'S's for a more complicated route.

    You could have multiple masks for multiple sections, town to town for example,  to keep the amount of keyframes per mask to a manageable number per section.

  • Hmm... is the route map displayed early on in this video what you want to do?  

    If so,  Palacono has it correct. Really easy to do. 

  • Feature request: shapes and Ae's Trim Path equivalent.

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