Recent video, feedback please

Hey everyone. I recently made a little family video, take a look and let me know what you think.


  • @Storminmormon05

    Loved your floating camera rig shots. Very smooth!  It could be drone footage but I don't think so in the crowded areas.  Would love to know what kind of rig was used there.

  • Thanks for  the feedback! I filmed this entire video with the gopro hero 5 black and the Karma grip (handheld 3 axis gimbal). 

  • @Storminmormon05  I have a similar type rig with weights on it for balance (Vidpro SB-10) and I can't get anywhere near your smoothness.  You have definitely mastered that device.

  • Thanks I appreciate it! The Karma makes some amazingly smooth footage, I have loved using it so far. 

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