Ae Trim Path Equivalent?

Hi. Is there anything like it in HF, or some way to workaround to simulate it? I know it can be done by animating a mask, but if the path is complex it can be quite time consuming.



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    Trim Path is a part of shape layers and Hitfilm does not have a shape feature.

    Something along similar lines is the Hitfilm 2017 Neon Path effect. It provides similar function to trim paths. It allows for animating the stroke of a vector path. Neon Path only operates in mask/text outlines. Not filled shapes and such. You can make the path stroke pretty thick.

  • But can I import a path traced in AE or Affinity or whatever and trace it there?

  • I just requested shapes in the Feature Wishlist. Right now it's way too cumbersome to trace shapes using masks. HF needs more motion graphics stuff. Too much Star Wars stuff.

  • I meant Adobe Illustrator, not Ae obviously.

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    No, you can't  load AI paths in Hitfilm. Shrug. 

  • Damn! I guess I won't be able to ditch Ae this year yet.

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