How to Change a scene from day to night

Been working a short quick film for my kids. Just got Hitfilm and the practice I've gotten with it has helped me produce some nice light effects for special effects.
The problem is I shot most of the scenes during the day and I want the scenes to look like it was storming outside the windows. Any ideas on what would help give that look?
Thanks in advance


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    I'm assuming you have the Standard version? If you have HitFilm Ultimate, there is a Day for Night tool in the Stylize folder. But with the standard version, you'll need to replicate the effect using the Color tools. Id recommend tweaking the Gamma to bring the brightness down a bit, while at the same time shifting the color toward blue. You could also use Hue Colorize to add a predominantly blue hue to the scene.
    The main things to keep in mind are that night time scenes should be blue, the shadow areas should be quite heavy, and none of the highlights should be blown out.

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