File formats! Please help! .move (now solved), .mp4 from S7 partly solved. fps standards?

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I just bought an S7.  It produces .mp4 files and Hitfilm Express 4 wont support it.  I had similar problems with .mov files from imovie or from iPad. (Solved after installing Quicktime)

With Android, Asus Zenfone Selfie, I had variable fps issue, that led to terrible audio video sync issues. 

I do not want to convert the footage to one single thing because I've a very slow computer, a windows 10 pc. It takes ages. Why cant Hitfilm work with it directly? Somebody please help.

Update: As I've said in the comments, I am waiting for an answer to which file format is best for editing.  Handbrake just gives option of .mp4 and .move is not supported by hitfilm express 4.

Increasing the project setting fps to 32fps allowed me to import S7 footage with 30.013 fps and I then changed it. Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment. And the comment on asking me to buy the software instead of S7 has been removed.  Was it the moderator? Thanks.


  •  Does it have same problems with GoPro files as well?

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    Maybe what HF4E doesn't support isn't the file format, but the video definition. A S7 can shoot 2K, or FHD60, when HF4E won't  accept more than 1080p30.

    Try to shoot in that definition and frame rate and you should be fine. Or get HF Pro, that'll cost you less than an S7 ;)

  • You have to get rid of the variable framerate. With GoPro you can transcode to Cineform.

  • The problem is all of the cameras you mention (except GoPro) are variable frame rate. You absolutely must convert these files to constant frame rates or they will not work correctly. This is not a Hitfilm problem. No NLE at all can work with variable frame rate footage. The technical reasons are a long explanation. 

    I believe for GoPro footage it's better to use the GoPro software to convert to Cineform. 

  • I mentioned variable frame rate as myproboem, for which I got S7, (and few other reasons). Looks like I shouldnt have mentioned variable frame rate at all. I totally get it. For slight audio video sync error, the changing of frame rate in media import area fixes it.

    But the variable mp4 used to import into hitfilm. The samsung produced .mp4 files do not even import. They are all at 30fps.

    Hitfilm express4 is able to take in 2k resolution videos. I had to use handbrake to convert th 2k .mov file to 2k .mp4 file.

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    And, no the 1080p 30fps of Samsung S7 does not import into HFE4. Ive a very basic laptop. So, considering converting every single footage for constant framerate is a humungous task. Ive just started out video editing, and no, wont be in a position to buy a software.. . The intro video on my Youtube channel is the first video I ever created. Please note, that,  I may not understand half the things. 

    From what i understand though, is that even GoPro will need conversion! 

  • Would you have a better suggestion for conversion than handbrake, (which, is also free?)

    I select the constant framerate in that. 

    Is there any reason Hitfilm Express 4 would work better with 23.976fps than 24fps?

  • If you have a particularly slow computer then converting your footage becomes more important than ever, simply for performance reasons. Since cameras rarely record in formats designed for editing, and phones certainly don't, then trying to edit in the format your camera uses will mean every single thing you do, through the entire editing process, is slower than it could be. Converting your footage once, up front, means that everything you do afterward goes faster, because your computer will be able to decode the files much faster.

    Handbrake is a good option for converting. MPEG Streamclip is another free option, which has a batch processing option, so you can convert all your files in one go.

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    Thanks Alex,

    Handbrake does have a batch processing thing too. Well, I might sou,md really laywoman right now, as I am just starting out. Can you please guide me on what format should I exactly convert these to, so they are best for editing? 

     Handbrake gives me only two options, .mp4 or .mkv and HFE4 does not take .mkv. So, I convert them to .mp4 when I need multiple footage for one video.

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    After downloading Quicktime, .mov files import in Hitfilm Express 4 problem is solved. 

    But Samsung S7 recorded files, even at 29fps have a problem. Hitfilm Express 4 just says, "Invalid media".  They are all .mp4 files. Codec: H264-MPEG-4 AVC (part 10)

    Audio Codec : MPEG AAC Audio

    sample rate 48000Hz

    My project settings are at 48000Hz. So, I hope audio is not cusing a problem. Please help for the S7 footage!

  • I'm able to import S7 footage without converting to constant fps.

    All shots I take with artificial light are recorded with 30.013 fps. In extreme low light  are with 30.010 fps. But it is possible to tweak it, now that it shows in the media library. I go to the settings and uncheck fps "from file" and type in 30fps instead. Also, as 99.99% of the footage is in 30.013 fps, I don't mind changing my project settings to that. 

    I understand even third place of decimal has a lot of impact in fps. Can anyone please help on what should I start using as a standard?

  • If it registers as 30.013 fps, then it is variable frame rate, and you should just convert the files to 30 fps, and use that standard.

  • You may try use iDealshare VideoGo to convert GoPro CineForm video to MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, MKV, ASF, MPG, ProRes etc 

  • I did not have to convert it and no one should. It is a remarkable waste of time. Just right clicking the file in the media pool, or clicking the gear icon, unchecking "from file", and inputting manually 30 fps, works!!

    P.S: Would mean a lot if you have a look at my channel. Let me know if you've any suggestions.

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    @doveranalyst and you've exported your footage after export and there's been no audio drift from the camera recorded audio to the output audio at all? Again, 30.13 is a non-standard frame rate.

    Another question. Are you on Hitfilm pro 2017? Pro 2017 Update 4 just added code to where Hitfilm  Pro now properly handles VFR footage, which is awesome for we Pro 2017 users, but does nothing for 4 Express users.

  • No, I'm not a Pro User. I've Hitfilm Express 4.

    Yes, it won't work if your clips are 20 min long. But if you are trying to make short films of 10 min or so, it's better to keep your clips about 1 min

    For shorter clips, tediously manually unchecking the tick mark to enter 30fps brings the audio video sync.

    The trimmer always shows in sync anyways. But the timeline has the issue. This trick fixes that.

    Also,  I've no idea why everything does not go in frame when dragging to timeline. Manually transforming them to fit to frame is quite boring. So, I drag all clips when I'm in a hurry.  Select all and click fit to frame. And then if in any of the tiny clips there's a lag at the end in the audio file (clearly visible by those diagonal stripes at the tail end showing the audio is less.)

    Then confirming that clip in the media pool n dragging and replacing the faulty audio fixes it.  Sometimes I take extra care to manually change all clips. Phew. Very tiring. But at least it works till 29 fps to 30 fps happily.

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