HF4 Express- How do I make a Nanobot effect?

I'm right now making  a Doctor Who series. 

These Nanobots are the villains of the first episode. I'm looking for a sort of swarm effect, no bugs visible, more like a bunch of dots moving around.

They're akin to the Vardy from the DW series 10 episode Smile, or the nanogenes from The Doctor Dances.


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    @Fulcrum2016  Have you looked into Atomic Particles? This is an older video but it may help.



    Edit:  My apologies.  I forgot Atomic Particles was an add on in Express.

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    As you're using Express your option are limited to:
    1) Buying the Audio-visual pack (see below for details)
    2) Greenscreen swarms of insects (quite a few free according to Google)
    3) Using any of the Quick 3D presets in Hitfilm and setting them to Preview Mode where all you'll see is a white Dot. Add Fill Color Effect and set to your chosen colour. Fluffy Cloud looks reasonable for a slow moving swarm, which you could move around as a group and speed up using the Rate Stretch ToolAdjust Density to suit. As it gradually disperses and dies, you might try several of them starting at different times to produce a continuous swarm, but there are several other effects you could try or combine. Missile Smoke might be a fun one as you could then have the swarms chasing things about. ;)

    Audio-visual pack (Best option)

    Generate trance-inducing waveforms or old-school bar equalizer graphics with audio-powered spectrum and waveform patterns. Customize any pattern or shape to get the perfect look. Learn more…

    Audio spectrum
    Generate dynamic spectrum visuals set to music.
    Audio waveform
    Switch between graphs, lines and dot patterns for audio-dependent waveform patterns.
    Atomic particles
    A stunning grid-based particle system that moves to music and custom animations.
  • OH MY GOSH THANK YOU @Palacono


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    If you want someone/thing dissolving to/from the nanos then this tutorial will be helpful. 

    Just make certain you green screen whatever is dissolving so you don't have to roto and patch the background. 


  •  Thank you. There was actually gonna be a scene where the nanobots try to assimilate themselves via media. So they could project themselves as an image from a TV show or a movie and try to talk. So they could change from one character to another.

    Unfortunately, no Atomic Particles add-ons, since I'm quite cash strapped.

    Thanks anyway.

    Oh, and @Triem23, I forgot to thank you for telling me about NeonVisual. I checked their stuff out. It looks better than the actual Vortex/Title Sequence itself!

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    Yeah, they do good stuff. 

  • @Fulcrum2016 ; add some Blur, Glow, or Neon Glow and Auto Flares to the dots to hide them just being dots and you get sparkly, flashing, whizzy things pretty quickly...if you wanted to (I have no idea what nanobots look like ;) )

  • Also to anyone that still doesn't get what my end result aim is:

    @Palacono I tried the missile smoke layer, I didn't see anything- it was blank as ever. 3D Fluffy cloud looks amazing.

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    That's a nice screen shot. 

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