HitFilm is still in demo mode? (answered)

Even after activating, HF3 is telling me that my export options are limited in demo mode... and according to both HF3 and my account info online, it's activated on my crapintosh, yet I can't export any format that doesn't look like garbage. (It's UHD, and it like a crappy youtube video rendered at 10% quality.)


  • On my mac, I just deactivated HF3, restarted, activated it, and restarted it yet again. Go back to export, and it starts complaining about being in demo mode and so I can only export to youtube.

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    @WhiteCranePhoto ;We have created a support ticket for you so we can discuss this privately as we are going to need you to provide some futher details about your specific setup. You should recieve an email shortly with next steps and questions we will need you to answer.

    For anyone else that has a problem please report this issue using our support system here: http://hitfilm.com/questions/submit

  • I got the e-mail. As soon as the current render finishes I'll follow the instructions you sent. I've discovered that just having Chrome running on the same machine even with just one or two tabs open seriously hoses Resolve's render times, but I forgot to kill Chrome before I started the render last night... so it's still going. Sigh.

  • I think I figured out why HitFIlm refused to get out of demo mode even after I activated it on my mac... my mac is having a lot of trouble connecting to the outside world, even using the same network that my Surface3 and PS3 are using. I had to download the update on my Surface and then copy it over, since I couldn't download it directly with my mac.

    So, apparently it's the mac. Again.

  • Hey, so I have Hitfilm 4 express on my laptop and it's telling me i'm in demo mode and can only upload a max of 30 second video to YouTube. How do I change that so I can upload a full video. It's pretty bad for someone that got this for editing. I'm starting to doubt the program.

  • You did everything in this video?

    I could be wrong, but I'm starting to doubt that you did. ;)


  • In my case, simply restarting the program fixed the issue.

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