Dealing with Shadows in Interviews

I don't know what was wrong with me that night, but I practically pulled off a massive brainfart with lighting by positioning my subject against the wall and lighting him with harsh LEDs.

Thus, the following result was imminent (*cursing under breath*)


 Notice the shadows. I don't think I could possibly reschedule the shoot.

I've been looking up tutorials on After Effects and there are of course, several.  Including this one:

But it doesn't seem to be doing the job. Either that or I'm doing something wrong. So I'm considering actually spending some time learning Mocha and do a stroboscopic job, but how feasible is this?




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    Sorry. HEre's the image of my problem


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    His shadows were a lot soft and less contrasty. 

    Sorry. Think that's roto work. Or, depending on the topic of the interview, I'd grade and vignette for extra moody. 

    Roto tutorials for Hitfilm and Mocha exist on YouTube. AE tutorials are identical for planning and roto. However in Mocha Hitfilm 2017 you just apply the splines directly to the track via the plug-in interface in your layer's effects group. (just ignore clipboard and paste bits.).

    There are no specific tutorials for Mocha Hitfilm 2017 I can think of. The only thing in Mocha Hitfilm 2017 is exiting the mocha interface and having layers automatically masked instead of exporting/importing Composite Shots. 

    Here's the most important thing about roto--you don't do the whole guy in one shape. You break him up by joints. Head, shoulders/chest, lower torso and hips, left and right arm, maybe each hand.

    But first, you draw a loose spline around the entire guy and motion track that. Then, all your other spline layers are hooked to the parents track first. More layers made me more steps, but it's actually a lot easier and more accurate this way.


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    You're the man. 

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    No amount of Hitfilm or Red Giant Plugins will compensate for the effects that I need for the facepalm I wanna  do right now. 

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    @Hictor I'm male.  I think my mane of lustrous, wavy, down to lower back hair confused @Yeremyah and I'm told I have a shapely ass, but the goatee should be a giveaway. 

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