I Got an Internship at FXHOME!


8 months in the making, I can finally tell you all about it! Thank you to the entire FXHOME staff and anyone who has ever supported me on my channel.


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    Congrats! Pity you having kirstie as your boss though lol


    only kidding! All the best 

  • @inScapeDigital  Congratulations on the internship!  Well deserved.  AND I'll bet you already got a masters in the BS the government gives you these days.  And for all the work, I hope you get a chance to do a bit of sightseeing.  I was in London for a couple of days way back in time in 1989 and enjoyed it immensely.  Of course, being only 20 you won't be able to hit as many pubs as I did, but, oh well...

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    Couldn't be happier for you! It's a "Reese's" moment when chocolate and peanut butter get together! 

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    A Bengal amongst the Canaries. Sounds like trouble. 


  • Big congratulations!!!!!!


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    Your not going to have any visa problems are you?  I have no idea how that is treated.

  • @bscan48 I already got the visa, if that's what you mean.

  • Most excellent!

  • Congratulations, man! If anyone on this forum has earned it, its you :)

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    Thank you @inScapeDigital for all your help and input with HitFilm.

    You seem like a nice kid and have lots of insight for someone so young :)

    I hope the best for you in your future journey.  Please remember, wherever life takes you, always base your decisions, choices, goals and destination on a righteous foundation of integrity, honesty and truth.

    All the best ;)

  • Thanks everyone! The positive support has been overwhelming 

  • Hey sorry I did congrats on the YouTube vid, thought I had posted here also, but guess not. Have fun, I am sure the team will look after you. What sort of mega NDA did you have to sign up to, your going to the heart of the operation, simple things like a project board on the wall might give you jelly legs at the future developements listed. Jealous, but well deserved.

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    @Andy001z probably the same NDA he's already signed as a beta tester. Don't talk about Fight Club is pretty standard. 

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    @Triem23 is next :)  With his insight and knowledge, I believe he will be a great addition too.

  • Congratulations!

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