how can I remove an effect from my effects list?

Some OFX plugins do not work correctly in Hitfilm -  but show up, like Boris Red 5... - Can I rearrange my effects so I can only see those I want and get quicker access to those I want?   Perhaps by hiding or deleting the ones I dont want or don't use and also deleting ones that got installed by redgiant that do nothing for me?




  • I have the same question (for HitFilm Pro 2017). Any news?

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    You can uninstall Red Giant Universe through Control Panel > Programs and Features > Red Giant Link >uninstall.

    This will remove all Universe plugins including any free Legacy plugins. The Legacy plugins can be reinstalled alone through the Red Giant Link if you had them before June 28, 2016-- and they are still free. If you got the Universe free trial after June 28, 2016, the legacy plugins are included in a paid subscription of Universe only.

    As far as Boris plugins are concerned- they are in a folder in the program files. I don't know if this would cause any issues with HFP2017 or not. I tend to think not but if you had to do an update or upgrade in the future you'd probably have remove the folder again.

    Either way- you might want to contact support about that or if someone here has an answer that's 100% - I'd wait to find out for certain. Or if you're daring- delete the folder and see what happens. I won't take responsibility though if things go sideways. ;^)

    Boris is in C: > Program Files > Boris FX, Inc




  • @StormyKnight If only it were that easy. :D

    I can't uninstall some Red Giant plugins at all. All I can do is uninstall some of them (the free ones), or have them installed twice. Last time I tried I ended up with a load more with uni. as part of the name, but they're all demo watermarked versions, so I don't use/want/need them at all. They're harder to remove than a tick from a long-haired dog.

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    Palacono - I got a subscription to Universe so I could get the legacy effects. I really like their graph effect and a couple of the other free ones. Trouble is- no matter how I try, how many times I reinstall from Universe link, I can't get Universe to appear in HF2017P at all!

    Any ideas? I know it's the opposite of what you and others here want

    What's really frustrating is Universe DOES appear in Vegas with no problem.  :(

  • @StormyKnight This is no help to you but Universe shows up in HF 2017 for me.

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    wishlist for next update... third part plugins activate/deactivate in effect-list. i have the same. with videodeluxe they come a lot of thirth part plugins, but can not use in hitfilm (but see in the effect-list) because the key is only for videodeluxe...

    deinstalling the plugins, deleted it to videodeluxe too.

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