Hitfilm 4 Express - No longer starting

I've been using Hitfilm 4 Express since the beginning of the year with no problems. Great bit of kit!

However as of Monday 24th the program won't start at all. I click the icon on, the mouse cursor shows something is loading however nothing happens. It doesn't even show in Task Manager. 

I've tried reparing, re-installing and booting up with anti virus disabled and nothing seems to work.  I've also updated my drivers and nothing happens. 

Anyone else experience this and know how to fix? 


PC Specs:
CPU - i7 3770K
GPU - GTX 970



  • Did you update to the Windows 10 "Creator's Update"? That could be the reason: http://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/comment/92254/#Comment_92254

  • @FrancisFord Are you saying that when anyone using W10 gets the latest W10 update, that HitFilm will stop working for us?

  • @Yeremyah

    I don't think it's the regular Windows Update involved here.  I think the Creator update is a special opt in or out beta kind of thing, if I'm not mistaken.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Yeremyah @tddavis Creator's Update is currently open Beta and even Microsoft is saying not to install until officially released.

    Remember, beta means its not done yet. Those who installed it became bug testers. 

  • @Triem23  Thanks for the confirmation.  I thought I remembered seeing it said beta and bailed super fast.  Beta and MS are a recipe for disaster IMO.

  • Hey everyone, thanks for the replies!

    @Triem23 I can confirm that I am not using the creator version of Windows 10 and currently I am using Windows 10 Pro. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    And you've not recently updated or installed other hardware/software? 

    Oh, is the computer Dell or Alienware? 

  • @Triem23

    I checked my update history and windows updated a few days ago:

    "update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3150513)"

    I have since uninstalled this update and still no luck after a system reboot. 

    No other software or hardware installed since. 

  • (KB3150513) - This update provides the latest set of definitions for compatibility diagnostics that are performed on the system. The updated definitions will help enable Microsoft and its partners to ensure compatibility for all customers who want to install the latest Windows operating system. Installing this update also makes sure that the latest Windows operating system version is correctly offered through Windows Update, based on compatibility results.

  • @Triem23  Sorry I didn't clarify - I am not using a Dell or Alienware PC 

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    I have the exact same problem! Seems people working for Hitfilm are totally clueless what is going on with their product. Been talking to some support guy named Axel Wilkinson. After sending him all the info about my computer, confirmed that everything is up to date, told him that Hitfilm was running fine before and that it doesn't even show up in Task Manager after he asked me that... he just stopped replying to my messages. They don't know what's going on. There are many users with the same problem. Just google "Hitfilm won't start" or "Hitfilm won't open". This is apparently an issue that is known for years now and still they can't get their product to work. I was disappointed after realising that I couldn't even buy add ons while still having Hitfilm 4 Express installed. So I changed to Hitfilm Express 2017 but now I can't use it. I was about to actually purchase add ons... Now it seems I need to change to Adobe After Effects and I'm happy that I didn't spend any money on this useless Hitfilm stuff... After Effects is a bit more expensive but guess what, I've installed it yesterday and it works! Blimey!! 

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