TIFI: FCPX to AE Project Converter (Where's HitFilm's?)

TIFI: Things I Find Interesting

A new thread I will try to maintain where I post random things that I find relative to filmmaking and hopefully others can benefit from.


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    1. Tested (FKA Myth Busters) review of the URSA Mini Pro


    Its long but very in depth. Lots of great codec, color grading, and various other insights that I think everyone could benefit from.


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    2. Catching a Real Ball while in VR


    VR is the future. The amount of progression is crazy.


  • @TriFlixFilms that VR video is fascinating... interesting seeing how people reacted to the different visual cues in different ways

  • Ha saw that VR vid on my twitter feed, was cool. Some amazing stuff being done in VR.

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    2. The Cage


    WARNING: Little bit of language but by far one of the most powerful short films I've ever seen. 

    Please do yourself a favor an watch this amazing piece.... if you regret watching it you can publicly humiliate me. The pact has been made... now click the link :)

  •  3. DaVinci Resolve 14 


    Despite popular opinion, competition is good and promotes growth. Looking forward to a new competitor in the NLE market.  

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    Also, Resolve has a free Linux version. Just sayin'.

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    I've tried Resolve ages ago and recently, not for me, will stick with HitFilm :)

    BY the way, Resolve, was first launched in 2004, around 13 years ago, so it's nothing new.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Resolve 14 is a massive overhaul. I may give it another look, just for the grading. 

  • The last version, or two, have beefed up the NLE editing chops. This one looks like huge audio capability, timeline performance and a huge price reduction as major points.

    It really seems like Blackmagic wants Resolve to be a one stop shop. A no capability compromises stop. Excluding effects compositing of course. More than just a color grading tool.

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    Fairlight Audio is pretty potent stuff. Fully integrating that into Resolve makes for a pretty powerful and cheap one stop solution.

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    @Triem23 ;Give us your review.

  • A review I read of DR 14 that said that while the Editor is vastly improved, it's still a lot thinner than other editors ; Premiere was mentioned.

    AE however, have added some interesting new stuff. The one that's really useful is not having to make things into composite shots, or use Adjustment Layers or the CC Composite Effect to flatten layers so they can be used as masks, sources etc. for other layers. There is now a Source: Layer+Effects option in the dropdowns. So translating AE tutorials into Hitfilm will be slightly harder in the future, unless... ;)

    Off to request that Hitfilm adds this feature at once. :)

  • @NormanPCN "...Excluding effects compositing of course..."

    Blackmagic have Eyeon Fusion for that...and that, too, has a version on Linux...

  • 4. May I Have This Dance


    One of the most emotionally pure songs I've heard in a long time with a music video that utilizes simplicity.

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    5. FCPX to AE Project Converter


    So if there's a FCPX to AE... when will there be a HitFilm to AE project converter? ;)

    Competition motivates companies to evolve, hopefully this inspires the HitFilm team to consider creating a project converter!

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