Hitfilm will not open in Windows 10 Creators Update

Yesterday I upgraded my machine to the Windows 10 Creators Update. Since then I have been unable to open Hitlilm. CPU: Intel I5. GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 Strix. Any help would be appreciated.



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    Suggestion. Roll back the uodate. Obviously Microsoft screwed up again. AGAIN! 

  • Unfortunately when I was trying to fix the software, I did a disk cleanup to try and fix Hitfilm This deleted my Windows.Old folder. Is there a place where I can get an older Windows ISO file that is not the Creators Update?

  • Ok so I have found a solution. The latest Nvidia Graphics driver (381.65) does not work with Hitfilm or any graphically accelerated software. Thank you for your help.

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    I question if it's the Nvidia driver, since I've been working in Hitfilm for the last two hours on Nvidia driver 381.65, released April 5, 2017. But if a driver rollback worked for you, at least you're up and running. :-)

  • That's strange, I haven't seen anyone else who had my problem either. Oh well, thanks again! :)

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    As long as you're up and running, right?

    Actually, a couple of weeks ago we had several users who experienced issues after their latest Windows 10 update (although no one else specified "Creator's Edition."). Seems every few months a Windows update causes Hitfilm users issues.

    (My poor cousin who works for Microsoft actually agrees with me that I am smart for staying on Window 7. Yeah, I have a cousin who is a coder at Microsoft who will flat out say Windows 7 was that last good version of the OS.)

  • Haha! Hopefully Windows 10 will eventually become stable and stop these random problems with Hitfilm.

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    Problem with Windows 10 is a poor decision to for everyone into mandatory monthly updates. Pressure is on at Microsoft to finish mandatory monthly updates, and the truth is most of them go live without proper testing.

    Windows 10 would be pretty stable if QA was allowed to do its job rather than rush things based of a forced schedule.

  • Yeah, Windows 10 updates need a lot more testing before release, as I have had a problem with every major update to Windows 10. I would rather wait longer for an update to be released than get a buggy update.

  • Ok, one more here, I will try to reintal the NVidia drive, since even Photoshop are acting in strange ways also... Creators here...

  • Ok, not a problem with Nvidia itself, but something with the upgrade: just reinstal the actual drive and everything will work fine again.

  • I experienced a strange system slowdown after the NVIDIA update before this latest one (381.65). Copying files from one folder to another took forever. HF and other programs I ran at the time were also a little slower. Once 381.65 was installed, everything went back to high speed again. Strange!!!

    @Triem23 I wish I would have stuck with W7. I'm not 100% certain if it was the latest Windows update that caused my desktop to go sideways or if it's a faulty motherboard (I tend to think it's the latter). While the latest Windows update was rebooting the computer, I got a series of BSODs and restarts until finally the computer wouldn't boot up at all. I got an error message that said a file in the boot process was missing or corrupted. I tried several fixes I found online utilizing the command prompt to no avail even though it said the boot list was fixed. That's why I suspect the motherboard but I'm sure W10 didn't help the situation.

  • Just worth mentioning as well that I had an intel issue as well after the update to creators edition. I would boot up and get an error dialogue once logged into the desktop screen if I remember correctly it ESRV,exe was the file it had an issue with. I checked up and first hit on a web search for that error was a direct to Microsoft page and they said it was due to the Intel Update Utility software that keeps drivers up to date and current. Said uninstall it and it wont pop up with the error anymore. So long story short, I did it and no error since. But honestly to have to uninstall a legit program from a major manufacturer that is quite bold of another software manufacturer to do. Don't tell me Microsoft is going to start requiring only AMD processors to run Windows and if so I will dig my Amiga 4000 out of the closet and go back to Toasting LOL

  • " . . . . if so I will dig my Amiga 4000 out of the closet and go back to Toasting LOL"

    Excellent!  NewTek's evil plan is working.

  • Hahahahaha they are waiting for this momento to launch Lightwave Core with new Video Toaster board

  • @GKDantas @Stargazer54 that's awesome I seen Newtek isn't dead by any means but last I seen they were geared towards more of the video broadcast avenue of media production. And if it comes down to breaking out the ole Amiga I just hope we can get a petition going to get a Hitfilm platform for it ( dies laughing ) One good thing about the update is I am now able to mirror to my Samsung tv again which stopped working with the anniversary update 1607.

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    Hello! Sadly, HitFilm won't open in Windows 10 for me too, but you can only go back to Windows 7 if you downloaded Windows 10 in the last 10 days. Its been more than 10 days that I have installed Windows 10, so I can't go back to my preffered version of Windows. I Also can't edit or composite videos anymore, because HitFilm won't open. If someone could help that would mean the world to me. Thank you.

  • You can have two problems:

    1 - No Quicktime installed, you will need to install quicktime light (dont know if QT now support win10)

    2 - Update or reintall your card drive

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    Note that Microsoft recommends NOT INSTALLING this update yet, waiting for the official Windows Update release. Microsoft warns doing so can cause hardware and software compatibility issues.

    If you install Creator's Update and have issues, um, that's your own fault. 

    http://www.itnews.com/article/3192588/windows/dont-install-the-windows-10-creators-update-on-your-own-microsoft-advises.html?idg_eid=fab6f9c39a0fa2963770b908a7d81703&email_SHA1_lc=543ef28681023a975add8f61f052e2aa86246741&cid=itn_nlt_ITnews_Daily_2017-04-26&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ITnews Daily 2017-04-26&utm_term=ITnews_Daily

  • Same thing here: I confused the "Creator's Update" with a regular Windows update, gave the wrong answer and got the update I did not want. After the update HitFilm Pro 2017 does not start anymore (the same for update #3 and #4). Also updated the NVIDIA drivers. After a roll-back of the Windows update it is working again...

  • @Triem23 did your cousin also tell you about you placing yourself at risk by staying on Windows 7 due to its failings including security deficiencies and hardware restrictions? :P

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    @Yeremyah yup. Great thing about Windows 7. My machine is the last generation Win 7 fully supports, and most of the security holes are IE related. IE is uninstalled and eliminated. I had so many useless and redundant subsections of Windows 7 removed... It's amazing how much Windows code isn't needed. Like everything dealing with remote terminal operation. You can't hack code that isn't on the target. :-) 

  • @Triem23 I noticed you said "most" of the security holes are IE.  So what about the other security holes, and why don't they concern you? 

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    @Yeremyah because I also removed all the remote terminal stuff like I said in the prior post? 

    Also I don't worry that much because if a hacker truly targets someone that person probably loses. Most hijacks and exploits are randomly targeted. As a simpler example there are all the "security holes" in Quicktime which are solves by turning off the web plug in. 

    I don't browse porn, I don't pirate and torrent, I don't click ads, I don't have IE, I uninstalled remote networking/terminal modules, and my laptop web use is basically this forum, email,  two mainstream news sites and paying a couple of bills. 

    IE exploits can't run if I don't use IE. Remote terminal hijacks can't run on software that isn't there. Flash Exploits can't run if Flash isn't installed.  I don't do high risk activity like browsing porn and stealing media and software via crackz, warez and torrents (honestly how most viruses and exploits are contracted) . 

    Am I 100% secure? Of course not, but neither is any other operating system. But I ain't gonna worry about it. Remember, Microsoft still issues monthly security patches (till July). Those will stop because Microsoft is very open about wanting people to upgrade.

    Most versions of Windows 10 force you to update, or, at minimum, force you to run all updates at once. Why? Because first, Microsoft wants everyone to upgrade so they don't have to keep staff updating old versions. Second, Win. 10 forces updates because so many users DIDN'T update and get security patches. Microsoft (correctly) thinks it easier to update and maintain the software if everyone is on the same version.

    The issue is managment demands release schedules that force releases out that flat out don't work, and now tons of users get hosed every few months because software is being rushed out the door before it is ready.

    Creator's Update is a case in point. Microsoft released a "preview" version that's so broken that now Microsoft is saying to not upgrade until the official Windows Update version. 

    It's the battle between money people demanding release of new products and the staff that create it wanting it to work before it's released. 

    Money wins almost every time. 

    Incidentally the exact same thing is a huge Hollywood problem. A movie's release date is given before the film has been cast, written or has a director attached. Lose an actor, writer or director and the replacement ia stuck with an increasingly tight deadline. 

  • Not sure but with the last windows update, everything is working fine now and I didn't choose to update to the creators edition it was just there. So either I got their final polished update this last time or everything kind of fell into place and started working like magic but I am guessing the first. Also on a better note I am able to mirror my screen back to my tv again which I wasn't able to do with the anniversary edition 1607 update so its been a long time since I had been able to do that so that's a plus.

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    I had the new Windows Creator's update automatically installed onto my computer recently, and since then when I tried to open hitfilm, a message popped up saying my computer did not meet the minimum requirements for Hitfilm, update my graphics card and try again (before this it was working beautifully).

    I said okay, went to control panel and checked for updates next to my Intel (R) HD Graphics Card 3000 and NiVida Gforce GT 520M (which both had little warning signs on them), but windows says the newest updaes have been installed!

    It sucks a lot because I was in the middle of my first project for this amazing software and I'm stumped!

    Thanks for any help!

  • Did you do a backup image of W10 before the update, e.g Macrium Reflect image?

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    That's great @FlyingBanana78 :)

    I have not been asked to update to Creator yet, I am kind of anxious seeing so many people cannot open HitFilm after the update :(

    My W10 says, "Good news! The Windows 10 Creators Update is on its way. Want to be one of the first to get it?"

  • No, I did not, unfortunately.

    There is an option to revert to old windows though in settings (last update I think) maybe this would help? Could it damage the system in any way?


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